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  1. There is a way in LR to attach the metadata in the catalog (lrcat) to the dng files in my LR library. It doesn't create .xmp sidecars, but apparently embeds the editing information in the dng images. I guess I'd need to ask someone at Photo Supreme or XnviewMP or some other data storage program if the metadata would be imported since it's not a separate sidecar.
  2. I really like what I see about Affinity. I am trying to replace both PS5 and LR5. The main thing I use PS for that I really need is the ability to bring in a blank white background like 10"x7" and then put my photo on it so I can print 5x7 greeting cards. I need to be able to add text in different fonts, including ones I have imported, and .psd images. Is this possible in Affinity? I would also like to be able to add borders if possible. Could I change the opacity and blend modes? In other words, can I create a document with layers that I can then print? Thank you!
  3. So if I apply the lrcat metadata to my LR originals (dngs, tifs, and jpegs) it will be embedded and not xmp sidecars. Would that be able to be imported to a data management system like Photo Supreme or XnViewMP and then read by Affinity, with the editing?
  4. So what do people do with their LR photos if they no longer can or want to use the program?
  5. So what do people do with their LR photos if they no longer can use the program?
  6. Thank you. I will look these up. Can my Lightroom catalog be imported into any of these other options? My LR5 will not be usable when I upgrade to Mojave, I'm told. Also, I'm assuming I can export from these DAMs to Topaz Studio and back, which I use a lot? My recent photos are .DNG because LR5 doesn't recognize my newer camera. Would that be a problem importing? NG
  7. I do not want to get PS and LR on the subscription plan. I have LR5 and it has a great photo catalog. How do people on Affinity store their photos? I want to be able to see my photos with edits. Thanks. I'm on a MacBook Pro and want to upgrade to Mojave but it doesn't support LR5 or PS5.