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  1. I just downloaded the trial version of FastRaw Viewer and want to use it with Affinity Photo. I saw a posting that said to do this I hae to set AP as an External Editor? Also do I need to set up a shortcut that at the end the files I select are automatically loaded into AP? If so how? Thanks yes a Newbie here
  2. I am new to Affinity and currently working in the Affinity Workbook on Selection and Refine. When I chose the Selection Brush Tool it does not give me any options to the change the size. Suggestions?
  3. I am in Affinity Photo page 215 where the resources are pedestrian_and_object, etc. I start off in the browser with affin.co/ then type in the resource name but I keep getting a 404 error. Any suggestions? Also it would be great to be able to download all the resources at the beginning of the book and much faster for the user. Thanks Betty

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