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  1. ikirbster

    Designer Beta requiring Product Key

    OK, I've been updating the betas via the beta software. This is the first time that I've run into this problem. Thanks for your explanation.
  2. I've been using the Designer and Photo Beta software for a long time but this new version, 1.7 is asking me for my Product Key before finishing the boot up. My problem is that I don't see Product Keys for Designer and Photo in my account. I believe that I purchased my original versions through the Apple Store and I don't have Product Keys for them. Can you help with this?
  3. Wow, thank you so much! I did not see Affinity's formats in the supported list and when I opened XN View there were only placeholders for Affinity. But I made some changes and reopened the program and it works! This is exactly what I was looking for but didn't know it existed.
  4. That does support a lot of formats (500) but not Affinity products unfortunately. From the graphic designer perspective, Adobe Bridge already has this capability. What I'm looking for is to able to see a preview of all of my Affinity file images. The idea is to be able to scroll through your Affinity images as well as photos, PDFs etc...
  5. I did, most of the posts that I read were about a DAM for photography, such as in Lightroom which is different than what I'm asking for. I admit that I only read several pages...
  6. At the present time I use Adobe Bridge to look through my files for images that I need for my work. Because I'm now using Affinity products instead of Adobe products (PS, AI, ID) I cannot see previews of the Affinity images. A DAM product that replaces what Adobe Bridge does but adds support for Affinity images would be very helpful for graphic designers. It would also show PDFs, TIFF, JPEG, and GIF image previews and allow moving or opening images. This is a very specific use but one that most users would, I believe, support.
  7. The Width Tool in Illustrator is extremely useful and is something that I hope we will see in Designer in 2019. Any way of changing the width of a part of a vector line would be helpful.
  8. Thanks for the help. I sure hope they add Text>Show Special Characters to Designer. I'm very glad that Affinity has Publisher as it was one of the missing pieces to replace Adobe (Bridge is the last missing piece) but except for books or brochures, I use Designer for design.
  9. I know all of the Adobe Illustrator keyboard shortcuts that I need to work in Illustrator and many of them are the same in Designer. However, there are some that I can't figure out so I have two questions: Is there a list that compares keyboard shortcuts between Illustrator and Designer? Second question, how do you "Show Hidden Characters" in Designer? In AI is is CMD/SHFT/I.

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