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  1. Many thanks for your help small. Much appreciated! The solution was very simple in the end. I just needed to uncheck the brush's 'Protect Alpha' option. After that I could just work my highlights with the Curves Adjustment layer set to Normal. Why bother doing this? It allows me to layer up highlights and shadows and still maintain a very granular level of control over the combined effect :-)
  2. Yeah, thanks for that... Anyone else out there know where I’m going wrong with the specific scenario I outlined?
  3. Hello Folks, I'm trying to replicate the Photoshop method of dodging and burning using a Curves adjustment layer. In photoshop you create the adjustment layer, adjust the curve slightly, invert the mask, set the layer to luminosity and then draw on it in white to create the desired dodge/burn effect. My problem with the Affinity process is that the brush strokes have no effect on the layer or image. I must be missing a step but I'm damned if I can see what! Anyone know how it's done?
  4. VERY keen to see this, more so than the wonderful Affinity Designer in fact. It's been a long wait!
  5. Thank you! It's been driving me wild! Two months away from the app and it's like day one. Well, at least it's now a searchable solution on the forum (for others as dense as me), so I'm not too embarrassed for asking ;-)
  6. It's probably as plain as the nose on my face, but I can't see a way to return to the nice fading text frame in the release version. The Artboard has the same outline, as does Artistic text (tight around the letters). Any suggestions? It's really distracting me!
  7. My two favourite Cold War fighters! EEL especially.
  8. Thanks Dutchshader! More incoming over the next few days. I'll take a look at the shadow. Feedback is much appreciated
  9. My second full-scale illustration with Affinity Designer. This was inspired by the tasteless nonsense in Ubisoft's recent Ghost Recon Wildlands game. It might be the start of a set of 'Cartel' posters. Not sure yet. I had a blast making it thanks to the big performance improvements of the latest Affinity beta release. It feels almost as good as Xara now (yep, I'm another long-term Xara junky)! Very excited about 1.6, especially as none of us seem to know quite what to expect :-)
  10. This is a big deal for me too. Clicking anywhere on the art board allows you to grab it and move it around. Hopefully a lock will be forthcoming. And (off topic), locked guides....I REALLY need to lock my guides! :-D
  11. Hi all. I've switched over almost completely from Illustrator and other vector graphic programs to Affinity Designer. It's been a much less painful experience that I'd expected, and I've been having a lot of fun with the app's features. Having just finished my first formal concept design for a website's splash page, I thought I'd post it here because...Affinity! Anyway, hope the colours brighten your day!
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