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  1. So I hope that the 77D gets support as well (it still uses cr2 files, but they don't really work correctly in terms of colour)
  2. Hi Colin B, I have the same problem with my EOS 77D. And the color space change to Adobe RGB doesn't do a thing for me. Anyway this seem so be a problem of the Affinity Raw Engine, which officially doesn't support some of the most recent mid-price Canon DSLRs. See here Quit a pity
  3. Same problem with my new Canon EOS 77D ... looks like I have to go back to RawTherapee for processing
  4. Shame on you Serif this bug still exists after more than one and a half years (at least)! Using a Huion Q11K
  5. It's pretty disappointing that Affinity hardly uses the GPU ... highly paralleled simple computations ... that's what a GPU is design for, isn't it ... and that should be exactly what's needed for photo and video editing and of course 3D rendering.
  6. The GPU is hardly used (unfortunatly), also RAM is not a big issue. AMD FX-8350 > 4GHz RAM 16 GB 1866 MHz Radeon R9 280 3GB On a very heavy processing (loads of live filters with masks) of a night sky milky way shoot the export of the 16 MP file took about 2 mins, while RAM was at max. 2 GB and GPU was idle (export does not at all use the GPU, which is really not something great).
  7. Thanks for that v_kyr & Alfred! The link is working just fine, I got my email and I'm downloading right at this moment.
  8. Does anyone get the UI-kit or only the new customers? I've got my licence more than a year ago (on Windows)
  9. Using a group as a layer mask doesnt seem to be possible, which kind of sucks. One work around for a good workflow would be if you could choose the way you are painting like in GIMP.
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