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  1. amazing! im so ready to use the new version. I just made the switch from apple to a windows laptop and I'm wondering if the affinity team will also implement support for external GPUs and integrated GPU on windows laptops? or are they already supported ?
  2. I love the way you designed the website, very clean and creative! keep pushing and going hard with your art.
  3. Hello Affinity community! I've made cover art for a local hip hop artist in my city by the name of "Houndro" i hope you enjoy. If you'd like to check out more of my art my website is CalvinCoolridge.com instagram // @calvincoolridge & @CoolridgeStudio Twitter // @calvinCoolridge & @CoolridgeStudio
  4. Hey y'all I've got another one to show you ! this is one of my favorites to date and Ive got a lot of clients just off this one
  5. Hello affinity community ! I made this on affinity designer a couple days ago and thought to share here.
  6. A gif I made of Trippie Redd from the Dark Knight Dummo video. website // CalvinCoolridge.com instagram // CalvinCoolridge twitter // Calvincoolridge
  7. The only reason I still have Photoshop is because of 3D Capabilities, and 2D animation to Gif capabilities. I know 3D is probably a hard ballgame to play but 2D gif timeline, drawing to frames and exporting as gif would be very useful.
  8. An album cover I did for Tony Rose, an artists based in San Antonio, Texas. website // CalvinCoolridge.com instagram // CalvinCoolridge twitter // Calvincoolridge
  9. An illustration I did in Affinity Photo, tell me what you think Website // CalvinCoolridge.com Instagram // CalvinCoolridge Twitter // CalvinCoolridge
  10. hey this is actually really dope I like this ! Instagram // Calvincoolridge Website // CalvinCoolridge.com
  11. Hello Affinity Community ! My name is Calvin and i'm a hobbyist graphic artist and photographer from Texas. I've been using Affinity Photo and Designer a couple years now and it changed a lot for me to be able to do things easily, and get my ideas on the software SO MUCH easier than other programs. Here's some pictures from a series of images I've been working on to express myself through digital media. Hope you like it !
  12. I think affinity designer needs to be able to vectorize a picture just like illustrator does, it'll give it a big edge on illustrator and make it easier for illustrator users to switch over.
  13. can i do a batch watermark in affinity photo or designer ? i have 244 photos i need to put a watermark on and really don't want to go through and do every one individually (who would wants to ? lol)
  14. will affinity allow for users to make plugins ? or scripts ? so we can add some functionality or make tasks faster with them ?
  15. i second this, but not too many features such as textures and the such we don't need. more so to help with composition, and placement of 3 dimensional objects in an illustration.
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