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  1. Hi, I use unreal engine and it requires r16 heightmap files for terrains. They are essentially 16 bit greyscale files and I tried to find a workaround with other formats in Photo, but no matter what format I used, all the 16 bit greyscale files opened up looking jaggy, almost as if they were 4 colour gifs. Could we have r16 file support, or better 16 bit greyscale support please? Cheers!
  2. Hi MEB, Thank you for the reply. I searched for "clip canvas", but I didn't see that thread. It is a bit awkward, but on a single layer, flatten does what I want.
  3. Hi everyone, I noticed that clip canvas and unclip canvas are doing the same thing in Photo. (I'm using the latest beta - late August, 2015) They both extend the canvas to the pixels that are outside the canvas. Clip canvas should just get rid of those pixels that remain outside the document canvas.
  4. By the way, IIRC, Photoshop's render clouds filter always gives a tileable result. Very useful for 3D artists.
  5. Freehand had this functionality back in the day. I could simply paste vector objects into regular text fields and they used to work fine for text on a path, too.
  6. Black channel is drawn on a black background.
  7. +1 for seamless texture editing in AP and AD. (Vector tiling would be cool, too.) The affine filter sort of does the job, but going back and forth, retiling/resetting the offset and rescaling/checking how it tiles is really cumbersome. Try making a high resolution tree bark texture tileable. While a nice outcome is perfectly achievable, much of the effort goes into fiddling with the affine filter. Krita's approach reminds me of the live filters we have. Here is how it's "supposed to" work in Krita. Unfortunately, the mac version just doesn't work properly.
  8. The screenshot below was taken in AD. The alignment and distribution blocks are missing from AP's toolbar customisation window. As it currently is, one has to drag the alignment buttons one by one to the toolbar (not as convenient as dragging the blocks). Could we have them in AP as well please? Cheers!
  9. Congratulations! Well deserved! It's Photo's turn now :)
  10. Hello, Today I noticed that when I save an existing document in Affinity Designer with another name, the title bar does not update to show the new document's name. (Still shows the original document's name) However when I make changes and save, the save is performed on the new document. So this is just a title bar update issue. I'm working on the beta, by the way. Cheers, Haluk
  11. Just to add to this conversation, I'm having the same kinds of problems -ie. the touch ring beeps and pinch to zoom not working, etc. - on yosemite with an intuos pro (m). I don't have mavericks installed in neither of my macs, so I can't test that. Edit: This may be obvious, but option + two finger swipe up zooms out and option + two finger swipe down zooms in.
  12. Thank you Chris, I'd appreciate that. Apparently I'm using this feature more than I thought I did. :)
  13. Now that the beta version of Photo is released, I looked into it for a bit. It is very promising and I like it very much so far. I hope it gets released soon in the Mac App store. (I'd even buy it as it is today.) However the problem I mentioned in my first post is consistent between photo and designer. If the checkbox in the red square in the pic below is unselected, its state doesn't get saved with the document. This could easily cause problems when someone sends a file which contains a selective color layer to the printing house. A temporary workaround is to rasterize the a
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