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  1. Remarkable number of users! Thanks for your reply @MBd
  2. Hello Sirs, I was wondering how many affinity users there are worldwide.
  3. Hello there, I'm working on a picture (1200X1200px) with wich I'm creating a logo, so there are both raster elements and vector elements. On the raster I've applied several live filters and adjustments and on the vectors I've applied live effects. The program lags , stops for a while, slows down, when I transform sizes it struggles and strives. The task manager shows that processors and memory are not overwhelmed. My machine is a Lenovo with core i7 6700hq and Nvidia gtx 950m. The program is set up to use the graphic card Nvidia. The Nvidia monitor icon shows that AP is working with the graphic card properly. It is nothing new to me, since it occurs always, but just now I made up my mind to write in the forum. Is there a setting to make AP more fluent with heavy works?
  4. No I do not have any. Deleted already. When I shall have one, I'll upload
  5. Hi Brethren, I was outlining a subject in a photo with the pen tool and was not able to end the job due to a crash notice of AP. So I hit the OK and restarted with the safe copy, but every time I could not proceed as the crash notice still appeared. That does not occur in the stable version.
  6. smart solution. It does the job as well. thanks
  7. Hi brethren, I would like to gradient mask to achieve the attached image result. In the sample I have created 4 masks to do that, but I would like to know whether it is possible with 1 mask or not.
  8. Selection brush tool: when I zoom the picture to refine my selection, the dashed area disappears
  9. I've tested as well. I think it could be a nice feature to be kept :)
  10. #Callum Yes I'm. On the official everything's ok.
  11. Hi, I was writing the same post about Designer beta. The same issue is show when I drag any kind of picture into the work area. Instead, if I use the PLACE command, everything works fine
  12. Intendi dire , quando crei una tavola da disegno con all'interno un oggetto e sotto una porzione di jpeg di sfondo? Oppure una selezione in pixel persona su un oggetto e sotto lo sfondo jpeg?
  13. Hi Emmrecs01, yo could be right about the firewall, indeed in #5 he writes that the problem comes out on a second machine too. I think that B13NFC has installed on both the same program that does the conflict. So, let's suppose: B13NFC has installed on both something like adobe acrobat (or something similar with a pdf engine) and for some reasons the firewall is blocking or the host file is diverting to some wrong adresses. Could it be?
  14. Weird. So if you try to export in jpeg or png it works, when you choose pdf it returns a program error or a system error?