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  1. Publisher can already output imposed pages to an outside program via printing, it can create flat pdfs ie single pages within the program, will Publisher be updated to output imposed pages to pdf in any update coming soon? I can create imposed files in Pageplus x9, without any troubles, (usually), with all pages in the right place. I know the option wasn't in the original version of pageplus but took a little time to appear. The printing company hasn't had any problems taking the imposed files and running them straight out without any additional work, I can output the cover pages in one pdf and then the inside pages on another, if the cover was on a different material. I'm curious to know why this option was left out at this time. Trevor
  2. I've just updated the graphics drivers, I ran the repair tool, after restarting the computer all three affinity apps open first time. thanks for your assistance, hopefully these will stay working correctly now. Thanks trevor
  3. I wonder if other people might have the same issue as me, I have the Affinity suite installed on my win10 pc (1903), i5, 16gb ram, ssd/hd installed, Radeon RX580 (radeon 19.7.4 driver). Every time I want to use photo or publisher, I have to launch the program at least 3 times, I click on the icon, the loading splash appears and then it shuts down, I've just tried it again, publisher, at least 3 times before I can use it, I can't see any faults in the windows log, so I don't know if it is crashing as other programs might, or just not running. It seems only designer plays ball and launches first time. All three apps running Enclosed is the latest crash reports for today for photo (93b, d86, b6c) and publisher (6ad, f3f, 238) if they help. Thanks in advance Trevor 93bec641-0ec8-4637-b202-c641c9b7a6dc.dmp d8676323-df10-4ed0-9bf8-5cdfd7820c49.dmp b6ca273e-2135-4dd7-aa6e-16db5475f086.dmp 6ad2a5f6-1ad7-4130-9633-1a369d0aa9f4.dmp f3ff675c-4ebc-4197-8255-becb82e96096.dmp 238ff74e-8087-4680-ab78-add07b3cb043.dmp
  4. I quite agree, Pageplus went through so many upgrades to where it is now, I think its a great program, and I still use it today. Is the new Affinity Publisher based around pageplus the early years, so with that in mind, will it be a good few years before Publisher can come close to the pageplus x9 standard? I'm all for new software and I think the new Publisher looks lovely but doesn't seem in my opinion to have the same user easability (is that a word?). Whats the hook to jump over to Publisher from pageplus? Trevor