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  1. Hi there, I've encountered the same issue since I've updated AP to 1.8. This is a workaround I have not read any mention about: run the program using the gpu processor (NVIDIA in my case) and not the default processor (usually the integrated Intel). It starts without any crash. Unfortunately it's not the solution.
  2. @MBd after all alecspra asked for an other method for doing the work an he was satisfied as far as I can see he suggests to use the frequency separation to preserve the details and the traits of the face
  3. well I found it interesting because it is an alternative to a layered work. He works on a low frequency layer and it seems to be more realistic compared to a traditional method, fairly time saving. Picking up the colors from a color photo is a good suggestion, I tried myself with a picture of Theodore Roosevelt, picking up colors from Robin Williams in "Night at the museum". The result satisfied me and did it in a short time.
  4. Hi @alecspra I've just found out this tutorial with the frequency separation and the paint mixer brush tool
  5. Hello Sirs, I was wondering how many affinity users there are worldwide.
  6. Hi brethren, I would like to gradient mask to achieve the attached image result. In the sample I have created 4 masks to do that, but I would like to know whether it is possible with 1 mask or not.
  7. Hi, I was writing the same post about Designer beta. The same issue is show when I drag any kind of picture into the work area. Instead, if I use the PLACE command, everything works fine
  8. Thanks for describing the steps, its what I meant by asking to show the techinques
  9. Thank you carl123. I apologize, I was not quite precise. I see your file and it shows that when I draw a square or a rectancle with a double square sizes, it works. But when I try to draw a different rectangle the dots do not stay in the angle. I attach a sample
  10. Thanks everyone for your replies. This is the solution I found overnight: draw whatever square you want fill to null stroke solid - allign to inside convert to curve break curve in every node, in order to get 4 separated sides now apply the dash line with | 0.02 | 2,33 | 0 | 0 | Just in case you can alling each side manually
  11. Hello Sirs, I'm trying to draw a perfect bulleted stroke in a square shape, but the angles result out of phase. Will you tell a trick to get it perfect please? Thank you
  12. :) If they plan to do that, just consider that italian keyboards do not have tilde :)
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