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  1. Hi Sima. Many thanks for your well written reply and explanation. I did some tests based on what you said about the "date taken" field in the EXIF data. You are completely right. This remains in tact from the original file, no matter how heavily worked on that image is, or even if a tiny fragment remains in the final artwork. It seems I can't convince Serif to overwrite the "date taken" stamp with the current date when exporting an image, as that seems to be the issue I'm seeing with Windows Explorer. An option in Preferences would be good but I won't hold my breath. :-) Instead I will try to remember to always start with a new canvas and copy photos into it. That will ensure it's never given a "date taken" and therefore every new export will show the correct date/time in Windows Explorer.
  2. When I save from Photo as a .afphoto file via "Save as..." it shows the current date in Windows Explorer. Then when I save the same image from "Export" it saves using the old date from the original file created 7 months ago. I have no 3rd party software that changes file dates. My Win10 updates and anti-virus are up to date. If I can duplicate this on a second Win10 machine will someone at Serif investigate it?
  3. Hi. The date of an exported file shown in Windows Explorer does not reflect the date or time it was saved. For example, I opened a file I created 7 months ago, resized it, then exported to a brand new file name. It's not overwriting an old file, it's a new one. In Windows Explorer the date next to the file name is from 7 months ago. I know there is some technical explanation why this happens and you might blame Windows, but in the real, practical world when designers are listing their folders' contents by date, they like to see the newest files at the top or bottom making it very easy to pick out the file(s) they just saved. If there are 30 or 100 files in the folder it's a pain having to hunt for the file you just saved because the date is wrong. I'm using Photo on Windows 10. Thanks. Gary.
  4. Exactly, Patrick. Photo should not change the menus if there's no pen installed. Window's Tablet PC Settings tells me "No pen or touch input is available for this display" (for both of my displays). I would be surprised if it wasn't possible to programmatically obtain that information from Windows.
  5. I launched Tablet PC Settings using the method you prescribed. It worked, and now the sub menus show up on the correct side. Thank you! I still say it's wrong for Photo to operate this way when a pen/tablet isn't installed and no other applications behave this way. Thank you for taking the time to reply with good instructions.
  6. Hi @Sima, Thanks for your reply. I don't use a pen, but I did try out a Wacom tablet many months ago, long before I installed Affinity Photo. Photoshop and other apps don't have this problem of displaying menus on the wrong side, it's only Photo that does. That's why I think something is wrong with Photo. Also, the sub menus appear on the right for all of the menus until we get to Filters and View. I don't have either of the settings you referenced in Control Panel or Settings. I've taken a screenshot and those options are not available because I don't have a pen installed.
  7. Sub menus from the Filters and View menus are popping up on the left of the parent menu instead of the right. This is frustrating and is a significant usability issue. There is no obstruction that would prevent the sub menu appearing on the right, so I can't explain why it renders on the left. See screenshot. Affinity Photo on Windows 10, version 1703, build 15063.632. Graphics card: Geforce 960GT. Primary monitor: 2560x1440 Secondary monitor: 1920x1200 Photo is running as a maximised window on the primary monitor only.
  8. Yes, you're right Owen. You were the first to suggest a working alternative to duplicate a document. Thank you.
  9. Hi Toltec. I'm still counting 5 clicks to duplicate a document. Document menu (Not sure if you have to click this on a Mac, but you do on Windows) Add snapshot OK Select name of snapshot New document from snapshot I've assigned Alt+S to add snapshot (as you suggested) which brings it down to 4 steps, or 6 if we include Flatten. I won't knit pick that it's still 2 more steps than PS. I'm grateful that you've shown me how to achieve the closest equivalent of PS's duplicate function and I'll use that. If Serif decide to duplicate the duplicate function of PS in the future then all the better, but it's no longer the hurdle for me that it was before I posted the question. I'm trying to work in tabbed mode now since the implementation of windowed mode is horrific to be honest. When I add "new document from snapshot", or create a new document from New, it zooms in to the image rather than give me a 100% view as default. I work a lot with web graphics so images are usually small. Am I missing a preference option not to "zoom image to fill screen"? Thanks.
  10. Hi Toltec. I'm still counting 5 mouse clicks to duplicate an image in Photo using Snapshots, without flattening. The "new layer from snapshot" isn't the same as Photoshop's "flatten image" which merges ALL layers into just 1 layer which is what I want. Now that I've turned my back on Adobe CC, I need to adapt if I'm to make the most from the alternative software such as Affinity Photo. (Tricky when your muscles have learnt what to do automatically after 20 years on the same software!) But if something isn't as efficient or effective as what I'm used to I will submit requests to the developers. It doesn't hurt, they just ignore it if they don't like it. I spent 2 days researching alternative software to the Adobe CC suite. Turns out there's lots of options that are either free or under $100 and you actually keep the software forever! Remember those days! LOL! I'm looking forward to Affinity Publisher but I get the feeling a solid Windows release is 2 years away. The Mac version will probably be released sooner to make an attack on the Mac dominated DTP industry.
  11. This conversation has gone a long way off topic. Thank you to everyone who responded to my original questions. A few are now resolved while others have resulted in new feature requests, namely: "Duplicate" function from the Document menu Multiple enhancements to working with windowed images (Photo really sucks in windowed mode) Different types of pixel dithering for exporting GIF/PNG images
  12. Not quite. Photoshop has had a duplicate function for 20 years and back then desktops had a tiny fraction of the memory they have today. If a computer has sufficient memory then Photo(shop) loads the entire image into RAM. For example, an image for a magazine DPS with many layers might require 0.4GB of RAM. This is small considering today's basic home computer has 4GB of RAM and a designer's computer is likely to have 16GB. So duplicating even a very high resolution image in memory is a very trivial task and requires no paging - unlike 20 years ago when I remember waiting 10 minutes to load magazine covers into Photoshop while the hard disk thrashed away.
  13. It still doesn't do it. Why no drag n' drop between windows? :-(
  14. Using "Save as" to create a new file and then opening up the original file to work with both doesn't provide a solution that's as simple as a "duplicate image" function from the menu. I don't want folders full of unwanted files because Photo doesn't have a quick in-memory option to duplicate an image. The snapshot solution is better than saving a new file, but still more of an effort than picking "duplicate" from the menu. Hopefully the feature request from @owenr will get a positive response from Serif.
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