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  1. Just select View/Studio/Reset Studio and than select View/Studio/Symbols again.
  2. When drawing with a tablet, I would like to have: Brushes list - names Show brush names permanently inside the preview area instead of the rollover tooltip. Pencil or vector brush tool - close curve An option to auto close the curve when coming back to the first node - snapping to the first node.
  3. Really happy to hear that! Thank you very much, MattP.
  4. MEB and Sean P, that is exactly what I meant! Sorry if that was not clear.
  5. That is actually what I meant!
  6. Thank you, Sean P! It would be great to still see the border in the new version like in version 1.5.
  7. I mean that if I turn off the "Clip to Canvas" view mode - in Affinity Designer 1.5 there is a canvas area border and in the beta version this border is gone (or it appears just for one second).
  8. I just noticed that when the "clip to canvas" view is turned off, the canvas area border is gone. Is this a known issue?
  9. Thank you, Chris! A list view or a breadcrumb trail would be great. I really love Affinity Designer and it would be great to have something like this in the future. Until then I will create my own categories of favourite brushes to find them quicker.
  10. Hi! I have just a small question (Affinity Designer): Is there any way to show the brush names permanently inside the preview area (instead of the tooltip)? Right now I have to mouse over all of them to find a brush.. Thank you!