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  1. Hi, Ik prepered a photo document to use in publisher. With the inpaint tool i removed some logo's. Its showing fine in publisher. But after exporting it to pdf the logo's are showing again. Publisher built 227 Photo Only rasterizing de linked documents would fix the export to pdf
  2. Hi Chirs_k, Sorry for the late response. The newest build did solve is.
  3. huubjonkers

    APP is crashing for no apparent reason

    what I noticed: When I start up the computer freshly and try to open the large document the program wil crash immediately. I then restart the program over and over until the file opens (about 5 attempts). In the beginning, the system uses 8 GB of memory. With every new start-up after a crash, I have more time to work on the document. In the in the meantime the used memory runs up slowly. After about 10 crashes, the system uses 28 GB of memory (thats the max allocated memory as set in the preferences) and the number of crashes are considerably going down.
  4. huubjonkers

    APP is crashing for no apparent reason

    What i noticed is that when i navigate to a page by using de pages pane (double clicking the page or by right clicking and choosing go to spread) the program is more lickly to crash than just by scrolling the canvas. Anyway, the image rich pages are the suspect of crashing the program. Current file 72 pages with many jpg,s and linked designer and photo files, build 206 on windows 10, i7 with 32gb memory
  5. i'm experiencing the same issue. Is there already a solution for this problem?
  6. huubjonkers

    Table of Contents: page numbers not showing

    Found it! I'm going to buy me some glasses:-)
  7. huubjonkers

    Table of Contents: page numbers not showing

    Hi, I cannot find any checkbox in the TOC panel to activate the numbers :-(. Am i looking at the wrong place? Can you please tell where to find it?
  8. I'm experiencing the same two problems. For the crashing part i started a topic and uploaded an example file.
  9. huubjonkers

    APP is crashing for no apparent reason

    Hi Chris, Problems are back. I uploaded the file to dropbox. Regards
  10. Hi, Ad to swatches from fill as global is not working. Build 192 on windows
  11. huubjonkers

    APP is crashing for no apparent reason

    Hi Chris, I continued using the program the last two weeks (with a lot of ctrl+s). During the first week the number of crashes decreased day after day. The last week the program did not crash atol. So the problem somehow disappeared.
  12. Hi, Publisher is crashing for no apparent reason. Just opening a file and waiting for a while without editing wil also crash the program in time. No warning (it just disappears). After re-opening a file that did have some changes before the crash wil not give the popup for a file restore option. I have the feeling that a big file (1GB) is cousing the crash more rapidly than a small file. But both wil crash. I'm using version on a windows 10 machine.
  13. Hi, The Image placement status between resource manager and layers are not in sync. Document setup is set on Prefer linked. App preference is set on autmatically update linked file. Changing the linked file external wil not update the instance in AP. Dubbelclicking the placed image wil open embedded editor. Behavior in all cases is do embedded. Using all AD files, AP Version .145 on Windows.
  14. Yes i used artboards. The publisher file that i used for the pdf export is recently uploaded to Patrick Connor .If needed i have the exported pdf showing the empty image boxes. But this needs to be a privat upload.

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