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    Photography and treks
  1. Actually, it does work I show in my example: I've created a pl-PL folder inside "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries\" and extracted .aff and .dic from the link above. Restart AD and works. I think in your case, you have to create an lt-LT folder (I suppose this is a shortcode) and should works to you too.
  2. I trying do open/import .CDR file and is not possible. Get some research and found possible to open and save in opensource Inkspace would be nice to import in AD if they can why you are not? ;) . I don't expect to import very complex images from CDR but some compatibility, would be a great improvements.
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    Hi. I'm Cornelius freelancer and I'm new to yours software (Designer and Photo) also waiting for Publisher. I just purchased both Designer and Photo for Windows. What would be great to get in near future are dictionaries to hyphenation for other languages.