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  1. micornelius

    No Text Wrap Dialogue Box

    Apologies Mistype I am on The text is wrapping its just that when I click on the 'Show Text Wrapping Settings' there is no dialogue box What is the APu file please? Have looked through the paragraph panel and am not seeing AFAIK HI further update - thanks Jon P the reset did it.
  2. Hi Publisher release on Windows 10. On selecting text wrap, whilst the text of a frame wraps I am not getting the pop up dialogue box so I can adjust position of wrap from image. At the moment am working around using an empty rectangle with no fill or stroke to fool the text to be where I want it. Have tried rebooting pc and Publisher but to no avail. Any suggestions? Is a fix on the way? Thanks Michael
  3. Hi I'm on release On saving a print profile using N-up, on a printer where I am printing 2 copies if I click 'collate' and save the profile when I next call the profile the collate checkbox is unticked. ATM I just reclick to carry on working. Thanks for great product Michael
  4. micornelius


    Hi Walt, Many thanks for coming back to me. I manged to resolve the matter. The Word file I was copying and pasting from was set up with both English and USA dictionaries - with USA as the primary. Thus it seems it was conflicting with Publisher UK. So I stripped the USA dictionary from Word and everything started working after I cut ans pasted to a fresh Publisher file. Again thanks for your assistance. Regards Michael
  5. micornelius


    Alfred But I did above 25 mins ago. I uploaded three images showing the language setup as requested by Walt.
  6. micornelius


    Alfred thanks but as I said I already tried that. It doesn't go away and the spell checker doesn't open a dialogue to suggest correct spelling/learn etc
  7. micornelius


    Hi Have English United Kingdom in all three locations, screen shots below. I notice that on the UI screen there was an asterisk requesting a restart to apply. I have 1) restarted Publisher no change, 2) changed to English US and then back again with restarts following each and a complete reboot of my pc. On doing letter discovered windows lurking is background with an update thus delay in getting back to you. It seems the restart asterisk doesn't go away after a restart. Thanks Michael
  8. micornelius


    Hi I'm using release 257 in windows - when I right click on an underlined word nothing happens. No suggestions, no dialogue - what am I doing wrong please. Is there something which needs to be set up? Thanks Michael
  9. micornelius


    Also here footnotes/end notes essential in book publishing
  10. micornelius

    Paragraph styles

    Hi - great beta Can I add my voice as a small publisher of books. The InDesgn GREP in paragraph function is very helpful, it allows text within double quotes to be italicised, text withing square brackets to be a couple of point sizes smaller so it has less impact on the eye when reading, and lots of other helpful within paragrapgh style mods. Thanks

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