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  1. micornelius

    Printing Issue

    Hi, release version 283 On printing A5 document on A4 as 2UP doublesided-short for perfectbind output, having saved as a custom setup on next print cycle on calling the saved setup I find that the settings have reverted to single sided from double sided-short, and the collate check box not accessible until doublesided-short reinstated then can tick the collate box. At first I thought I'd done something wrong but the issue manifests over and over.Thnaks Michael
  2. micornelius


    Hi Walt, Many thanks for coming back to me. I manged to resolve the matter. The Word file I was copying and pasting from was set up with both English and USA dictionaries - with USA as the primary. Thus it seems it was conflicting with Publisher UK. So I stripped the USA dictionary from Word and everything started working after I cut ans pasted to a fresh Publisher file. Again thanks for your assistance. Regards Michael
  3. micornelius


    Alfred But I did above 25 mins ago. I uploaded three images showing the language setup as requested by Walt.
  4. micornelius


    Alfred thanks but as I said I already tried that. It doesn't go away and the spell checker doesn't open a dialogue to suggest correct spelling/learn etc
  5. micornelius


    Hi Have English United Kingdom in all three locations, screen shots below. I notice that on the UI screen there was an asterisk requesting a restart to apply. I have 1) restarted Publisher no change, 2) changed to English US and then back again with restarts following each and a complete reboot of my pc. On doing letter discovered windows lurking is background with an update thus delay in getting back to you. It seems the restart asterisk doesn't go away after a restart. Thanks Michael
  6. micornelius


    Hi I'm using release 257 in windows - when I right click on an underlined word nothing happens. No suggestions, no dialogue - what am I doing wrong please. Is there something which needs to be set up? Thanks Michael
  7. micornelius

    Gradient Fill

    I dont know if this has been noted before, if so my apologies. Gradient fill, there is no difference swithcing from radial to elliptical. Thanks Michael
  8. micornelius

    Booklet Printing issue

    Alfred - we've all tried various settings, the question is can you create a booklet from 4 A5 pages? If so what settings have you used please.
  9. micornelius


    Also here footnotes/end notes essential in book publishing
  10. micornelius

    Paragraph styles

    Hi - great beta Can I add my voice as a small publisher of books. The InDesgn GREP in paragraph function is very helpful, it allows text within double quotes to be italicised, text withing square brackets to be a couple of point sizes smaller so it has less impact on the eye when reading, and lots of other helpful within paragrapgh style mods. Thanks
  11. micornelius

    Booklet Printing issue

    falling star - Thanks, yes I can do that but really wanted to 'print out of the box'. Booklet printing was just the start, I need also to do 'N up' printing as a publisher of books, and it is the same with that as well. Hoping this is just a minor glitch in the duplex flip on short side routine which can soon be fixed, that is if I'm not missing something crucial.
  12. Hi Great its finally first impressions excellent. I have a problem with printing a booklet. Create 4 a5 pages, and number, then print as booklet, - the icon shows the right orientation of pages, but no matter what choice I make in double sided it always flips on the long edge. Have been back to PagePlus9 and tried there works as expected autoduplex flip on short side. Am I missing something? Thnaks Michael