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  1. Bought mine directly from Serif. Yes, your suggestion worked! I just copied the "Custom" folder and pasted it in the same directory but under the other account Username. Thank you very much sir! :-)
  2. Hi! I'm using Affinity Designer version 1.9.1 and I just ran the software using another User Account (Admin) in the same computer. I found out Studio Presets I saved from another User Account (Standard) is not carried over to a different User Account. With all the current threats of computer viruses, malwares, and cryptojacking, I wanted to just actively use a Standard User Account in Windows 10 instead of an Administrator. But I still have to revert to Administrator from time-to-time because my Internet Security software requires that type of User Account to fully function. Anyhow, here is my question: Is there a way to have any saved Studio Presets be used on other instance or installation of Affinity Designer without the need to repeat and re-save all those Studio Presets again? It would be good to be able to easily run Affinity Designer too with the same settings / presets I made from another User Account on the same machine. I can see this would be useful to just be able to quickly import all those saved presets back into a new installation of Affinity Designer on a newly reinstalled/reset Operating System or even have the capability to share those presets to others.
  3. Reallusion Tech Support informed me that this issue will be fixed on a future patch. I have already reset my Windows 10 OS and it automatically generated a single word Users folder name. My main hard drive was also erased so I have to finish reinstalling all the other software I need. But I have already tested Affinity Designer in Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline and launching a PSD is now working fine! 🙂 I now have also bought Affinity Designer too since I just can't resist the recent 50% off promo. Thanks for all the help guys! 🙂
  4. hmm... You might be right. I just made another test using Clip Studio Paint Pro and a similar error happened. I've now contacted Reallusion tech support to see what they will say about this. There is no error when using a non-CC Adobe Photoshop version though. Thanks for the tip!
  5. I don't use special characters on my full username so that couldn't be it. I am guessing the code in Affinity Designer that handles empty spaces on folder names when a call originated from an external software might have been omitted. I agree with sir walt.farrell that it could just be a simple quotation mark to contain the two words for the Users folder name. But this can only be done in Affinity Designer code because in Cartoon Animator 4 Preferences screen, I can only browse and specify the EXE file of Affinity Designer and there is no way to add any text to modify the full directory path.
  6. Based on my initial tests, there is a high chance the issue could be with Affinity Designer. Adobe Photoshop CS + Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline is working just fine using my current Users folder name which has two words and no other special characters. I also made another test by creating a new User account in Win 10 which generated a single Users folder name. Affinity Designer + Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline worked in that set up too. Here is the cropped image I showed to Affinity Tech Support that helped us determine the possible issue. The two error prompt windows contain the truncated directory path and it got divided in the empty space section of my full username. I've blurred out my Users folder and some other info for privacy reasons.
  7. Affinity Designer has a bug recognizing Windows 10 Users folder name if it has two (2) or more words and divided by spaces (i.e. "John Doe" vs. "John"). The software automatically truncates the Users name and divides it into several error prompt windows based on the number of available words. This will be noticeable and can be an issue when using a third-party software like Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline that can launch a PSD file within to open it in Affinity Designer. With this, the program will not be able to find the correct directory path to the said PSD file and will display error messages. I've upgraded my Windows 7 Operating System in the past into Windows 10 without formatting my main hard drive and it has retained the name of my Users folder. In the past, I am guessing Windows can also generate two or more words for the Users folder name and only in newer versions of Windows was the automatic generation of multiple-worded Users folder name was removed. But I hope this issue will be fixed in the next patch to Affinity Designer to avoid confusion to others who will encounter a similar scenario. This will also avoid the hassle of the need to possibly migrate all other installed software to any new User account created in Windows 10 just to have a single-worded Users folder name and make things work for Affinity Designer. NOTE: I've already reported this to Affinity Tech Support and just posted the info here again in case someone is looking for answer to the same problem. Thanks for the quick action and email reply from Affinity Tech Support.
  8. If anybody experienced this issue, here is the answer: I contacted Affinity tech support and we found out the problem was related to my Windows 10 operating system's User folder name. It was divided into two (2) words with a space in between and Affinity Designer has trouble with that. The program automatically truncates my User folder name and just recognizes one (1) word. In consequence, Affinity Designer couldn't find the PSD file in the correct directory. A temporary workaround would be to create a new User in Win 10 with a single word Username. Log in to that new account to use Affinity Designer with CA4 Pipeline.
  9. Got this answer from StackExchange which worked for me: "If there are 2 pixel layers. Select them both, group and then rasterize. The result is 1 pixel layer."
  10. Nah, that would be a big negative to the company. 😁 I think most people now prefer using paid software compared to free and/or open source out of fear of spyware and such. But offering more options (i.e. promos) will probably reach more types of people and potential users if that is one of the business objective of Serif... Seeing their product seems to be positioned to go against a subscription-based (elitist-like) business model similar to what Adobe has. Aside from now having more customers that can afford the product, there are other ways to earn more from maybe offering additional plug-ins and/or getting commissions from a "content store" for users (similar to Unity Asset Store or Reallusion's Marketplace). Not sure if Serif already has one since I'm new and still planning to get Affinity Designer. More users of the productivity software should equate to more customers also buying from the content store... 😉
  11. I missed the previous sale and actually just had the time to learn more about Affinity Designer this year when I decided to finally replace my old Adobe Illustrator. It would be great if there will be a more aggressive sales marketing that offer various kinds of promo for different types of users/customers ala Reallusion. There can be a discount offer for upgrades, to those who managed to try out the software, and the usual seasonal promos. 🙂
  12. Furthermore, I have tested the trial version of Affinity Designer and tried working with CA4 Pipeline. I encountered an error when launching a PSD in both Stage and Composer Mode. If editing, the only thing that worked is using the "Launch External Image Editor" when an object part is selected inside Composer Mode. Meaning, I was only able to edit one object or body part and cannot open the full PSD file for editing inside Affinity Designer. Creating a new Character in CA4 Pipeline by opening a PSD file generated by Affinity Designer using a layered template seems to have worked too. Kindly refer to image below.
  13. You're right sir, it looks like it can work when connecting a PSD file... But I just discovered that Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline only supports SWF for Vector files. That means, with Affinity Designer, I will still have to work with Raster image format when using it with CA4 Pipeline. I wish there were some way for Affinity Designer to be able to export to SWF or for CA4 Pipeline to support other Vector file formats.
  14. Hello there! It's actually a feature of CA4 Pipeline edition that can directly link it to supported external image editing software for easier updating of a PSD file. Basically, what it does is enable importing of a PSD file that can be a layered full character or prop. Then be able to connect and edit any layer by launching the image editing software inside CA4 Pipeline. Every time a save is done in the image editing software, it updates the artwork inside CA4 Pipeline too. That can save up a lot of time. It says here that Affinity Designer and Photo is supported. But I just couldn't find any official info that describes how to work directly with Vector art and whether that is possible or not.
  15. Hi there! I'm planning to get Affinity Designer and thinking of retiring my old Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator CS5. But before I do so, I'm wondering what will be the advantages and workflow if I am going to use it with Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline. My primary question: Is it possible to work with vector art and be able to import/export changes directly from Affinity Designer to Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline and vice-versa? Just like how Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline currently works and can launch Adobe Photoshop inside the software when a part of the image is modified... But this time, updates are done by editing vector art in Affinity Designer instead of a raster image. Has anyone ever tried this and have worked with Affinity Designer and Cartoon Animator 4 Pipeline? How is it?
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