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  1. I've had the same experience, with hardware acceleration disabled. There was a workaround: if I did a "Save as..." the program became responsive once more. As it happens I do most of my work in other software, using Affinity as a production hub and specialised vector tool. I could not imagine relying on the current version as a primary tool. Dell Precision, Win 11 Pro, 16GB RAM, Intel HD630/NVIDIA Quadro M1200.
  2. I've posted positive feedback on V2, but had a bad experience yesterday with Designer. While doing a project involving multiple layers manipulated in the new layers panel, and using a Wacom tablet, the Designer UI froze no less than 8 times. The only feature available was the View Tool (hand). There is a workaround, which might be of interest to anyone else experiencing this problem. If you do a 'save as' the UI beomes responsive again. So I ended up with 7 versions of that file! A longer term solution would be to revert to V1 until a patch is available, or move to more stable software. Windows 11 Pro i7-7820HQ Intel HD Graphics 630 NVIDIA Quadro M1200 Wacom Intuos Pro
  3. Thanks for the link. Interesting that high-end plugins are available for Affinity. Back in the day I bought a few for Illustrator and Photoshop, and was happy with the results. Certainly a viable approach. Adobe had a web marketplace for plugins. Maybe they still do. Serif already has an add-ons section on the main website, which could be a good place for third party developers to be highlighted.
  4. I can't get my head around the enormous fuss being made in some quarters about V2 pricing. Let's say there are two issues, money and principle. 1. Money. A discounted universal licence gets you 9 apps for €120, or €13 each. Pro users will almost certainly be able to claim the vat back, reducing the cost to around €10. Individual upgrades cost €49 (€39 ex-vat). Amazing value. Even if Serif were able offer an additional discount to V1 upgraders, it would not amount to much more than a tenner or so. In absolute terms, the sum involved with additional discounts would be very small. Not enough to justify the fuss. 2. The principle. This seems to be that V1 upgraders should get preferential treatment. Right or wrong, app store policies prevent Serif from doing that. So they have two options: everybody gets a discount or nobody gets a discount. As a V1 upgrader who got a discount, I'm glad they chose first option. It's sign of generosity, not disloyalty to customers. I wish this forum could get back on track to being a more reasonable space.
  5. WirlyWirly, that's a concise and accurate summary of the situation. Like you, I'm looking forward to the incoming updates.
  6. I was expecting to pay up to €300 to upgrade my Windows, Mac and iPad licences. So a price of €120 came as a great relief! (It's even less if you can claim the VAT back.) I've completed my first project in V2, and it was a very smooth experience. Aside from the headline features, the many small improvements add up. Thank you Serif.
  7. I have a Wacom Intuos Pro and haven't experienced this problem. FWIW here are my Wacom settings. The dreaded Windows Ink has been switched off.
  8. I've double-checked, and yes there does seem to be a glitch with the space + ctrl shortcut to zoom in and out. There is a workaround. Tap the 'Z' key to toggle zoom on or off. I find it even easier on the wrist.
  9. I've been using it with a Wacom Intuos Pro, and so far it's been very responsive. If anything, drawing with the vector pencil and brush is better.
  10. AFAIK, it was the first major drawing app to be ported from the classic Mac OS to OS X. That brings me back...
  11. In Preferences > User Interface, you can change the icon style to mono. I much prefer this iteration. Yes, Freehand is sadly missed.
  12. Credit where credit's due: Serif addressed the MSIX issue within 3 working days. And apologised for their offices being closed over the intervening weekend As a pro user, I never put a 0.0 version on a production system. It goes on a spare until I get a chance to test. So far V2 of Affinity is very stable for my workflow, so long as hardware acceleration is disabled.
  13. After some days using V2, I came across two features I hadn't seen highlighted elsewhere. They are not headline features but are potentially very useful, especially when repurposing a logo for different media. I can imagine other uses too. 1. Now you can specify stroke width by percentage as well as absolute value such as px. This is good for changing a line width. Even better, you can apply such a change simultaneously to multiple curves, each having a different stroke width. This means you retain their relative widths and general appearance. 2. There's a new option in the Transform panel to scale line widths, corners, leyer effect radii and text frame contents along with the object. Each of these choices can be switched on or off selectively using a drop-down menu.
  14. 1. For workflow, the enhanced layers panel in both Designer & Photo. 2. For drawing, the knife/scissors tool in Designer. 3. Non-destructive raw development.
  15. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing. I wonder what effect this will have on prices in the EU, where we already pay more than in the US.
  16. If some people are disappointed and want to provide feedback, that's what this forum is for. Fine. Especially when they highlight specific issues. And some people have gone to a lot of trouble to describe and illustrate issues. Unfortunately it seems to me that other posts have expressed a level of negativity I'd associate more with Tw*tt*r than a forum for graphics professionals. Just my two cents.
  17. Agreed! Three of the new features in Designer are exactly what I wanted, and non-destructive raw processing in Photo will be very useful.
  18. Here's the thing about perpetual licences right now. In a time of rising inflation and fluctuating currency rates, it's best for any independent artist/designer/photographer to nail down a fixed overhead. Subscription costs may increase unpredictably, often outside the developers' control.
  19. I experienced a slowdown in opening files in Photo 2, and other issues, but disabling a preference solved the issue for me. Select Edit > Preferences > Performance. Then make sure that 'Enable OpenCL compute acceleration' is unchecked. You'll need to to restart the application for this to take effect. I've done this in all 3 applications. Windows 11 Pro Intel i7-7820HQ 16 GB RAM 512GB SSD
  20. There is a specialised program for autotracing called Vector Magic. It has a good reputation but it costs about twice as much as a universal licence for all 3 Affinity apps. https://vectormagic.com/pricing
  21. Up to 9 years ago when Adobe introduced subscriptions, I would spend eur600 every 18 months upgrading the Creative Suite. Now Serif are offering a similar deal for 120! I don't understand why anyone could complain. App store policies mean that everybody gets the same great deal. Why resent other people's good luck? BTW, Designer 2 is a game changer, plugging most of the gaps that prevented it from being a full replacement for Illustrator.
  22. Yes, I tried an Intel installer, but it quit with a warning (attached screengrab). I cannot risk making my system unstable. Hardware acceleration in Photo is "nice to have" but not "must have", and not worth compromising the other programs and the system I rely upon. If Photoshop has no OpenCL issues with my Intel drivers, neither should Affinity Photo. Also, there are other bugs in 1.9x, which I haven't reported due to their randomness (daily crashes and temporary freezing), so I believe the blur problem is related to these latest releases rather than my up to date official drivers.
  23. Downloaded a trial version of Photoshop, which detected my graphics card. Enabled graphics processor acceleration/OpenCL, and could not reproduce this issue on multiple images, using the same drivers and hardware.
  24. According to Intel, "A customized computer manufacturer driver is installed on your computer. The Intel Driver & Support Assistant is not able to update the driver. Installing a generic Intel driver instead of the customized computer manufacturer driver may cause technical issues..." I have installed the latest official Dell driver, dated 22/1/2021. I may install a trial version of Photoshop to see if it also has problems with my card. A guick search shows that Photoshop users have also reported OpenCL issues.
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