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  1. I want to add my hope for better font management in AffPublisher. The problem is that the "Font Manager" shows the extent of font problems but does nothing to manage the fonts in the "substitution" and "subsitution style" columns. For a program like Publisher, changing fonts after opening publication and pdf files that someone else created is critical.
  2. Same here in Windows 10, Designer, 1.8. After two line styles are created, I do not find a way to create additional line styles based on line objects without any fill, but varied in width, color and dashes. On the other hand, there does not seem to be an immediate limitation on the number of styles based on objects with fill. Thank you so much for so many improvements in 1.8 in all the programs!
  3. Designer upgrade had become useless to me because of very frequent freezes. I thought it might be due to tracing over halftones, but freezes continued even in simplest files. Usually it was possible to regain control over the computer after time past or by clicking on the task manager tab below. I never found any relief until downloading downloading and installing the Beta version which I installed separately to my regular Designer. The Beta solved all of my problems which apparently were caused by a bug that appears when using a drawing tablet. I hope that anyone else searching for a solution can find this solution since having a working Affinity Designer is becoming very important to many of us.
  4. In my case Affinity Design freezes my entire Win 10 system, sometimes for up to 30 minutes, when I am drawing using a graduated stroke (with a pressure setting to alter the width of the stroke) over a bitmap image file that I have greyed by lightening the image as if drawing over a tissue underlay. Usually the screen image has been enlarged for drawing accuracy when the freeze occurs and the bitmap (a tiff) is fairly high resolution but just a BW halftone.
  5. In addition to astounding command over AD, and drawing technique, you have also ably expressed the distance she places between herself and anyone who would draw near.
  6. Hi, Dave and Sean: You guys have a wonderful program in Designer. I imported the RGB image file of sliced fruit into Photoshop where I made the background transparent. I converted the file to 8-bit grayscale and saved it as a PSD file with the Dot gain 20% ICC profile assigned by Photoshop. Personally, I don't pay too much attention to profiles with grayscale work. [I also tested by importing the grayscale PhotoShop image file into Affinity Photo and using it instead of the Photoshop file, but with the same crash result when exporting from Designer]. Then I imported the grayscale image into Designer which was also set as grayscale, had a graduation and the text set in Adobe's Cerigo Std. I liked the results and was glad for the EPS alternative output which went smoothly. I am on Windows 10. Thanks for looking into this, I appreciate the chance to participate in the Affinity community. disc2-fruitSlices.afphoto
  7. Hello friends: Running Affinity Designer with a file (attached) that includes a half tone psd file with transparent areas. When exporting to a print pdf, Designer (and Photo) crashes immediately with the notification: "An Unhandeled Exception has occurred.... Crash reporter will be displayed. Code: DxC0000005. Following that, another note displays saying: "Cannot start the Crash Reporter." When the grayscale photoshop image is removed, the problem ceases. My work around was to export as an EPS which is just fine for my purposes. disc2-25frutoEsp.afdesign
  8. This is a major problem with Windows which has so many extraneous fonts. Voto1979 has identified a real annoyance.
  9. Love the program. Glad to have it on Windows! I think in Postscript picas, and I believe that a substantial designer minority, especially in the Americas also do. Having picas and points would make your programs more intuitive for me. Thank you for listening.
  10. Using Windows Beta which I really like, I do not see the capability of blending between two vector objects. That is a very useful ability for a vector program. I will repeat what I mentioned once before: measurements by PostScript picas of 12 points would be very helpful for those of us who think in that measurement, and I hope you can eventually deliver the entire keyboard for shortcuts including combinations with F keys, numbers, Backspace, Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up and Down.
  11. I had to take an Affinity Designer (Win) pdf to AdI in order to warp some text into perspective. The process worked well and the outcome was fine. Looking forward to getting this feature in AffD.
  12. It would be hard to overemphasize the weight that Davide B. has among those who edit photos as a profession. I am more than pleased with the Windows Affinity Designer and look forward to using the rest of your programs as they make their way to Windows.
  13. What a wonderful program the Designer beta for Windows is! I have not had such comfortable experience with the pen tool since FH gave up the ghost. I have two requests: 1. Please open the entire Windows keyboard to customization. Combinations like alt-backspace, alt-sh-backpsace, sh-Delete, ctrl-sh-Insert would make this program much closer to my normal way of doing things. 2. I hope you incorporate PostScript Pica measurements in Designer. Some of us print centric North Americans think in picas rather than inches, points or metric. I am looking forward to all that you have for Windows. Designer as a delight. Thank you.
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