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  1. Hi. I tried the collect solution via Resource Manger and it's not the same. Look, lets' all be honest. We all need the same functionality that the "Package" has in InDesign. No "do this and then it asks you for that" type of thing. Just the same thing. We don't want Affinity to try and re-invent the wheel. The reason is that is the way professionals need their files handled. Full stop. You may think it's overkill or not a big deal, but if you're dealing with many staff (and some freelancers who have differing amounts of experience), you need a proven system that will work -- even after a year or more where the original machine might have been reformatted or changed. I'm not sure if it's legal concerns preventing this seemingly straight-forward feature but perhaps they don't want to raise the anger of Adobe, but that's what the pro market needs.
  2. Hi Packaging is critical feature for Publisher to be used in professional production environments. Back in the day, before Quark had this feature, there were many utilities that would do this and they sold well as it's really important when you're in a company that creates 100's of projects a year. I guess this depends on how Affinity wants to position their products. They may want to leave the pro users to Adobe (and Quark - they're still kicken!) which is fine, but if they want to go for the pro market there are a still couple of things they need to add not be the just little brother to the pros that gets used by hobbiests (although a great solution for that). At this point in time, Affinity stuff is "ever so close, but not quite there" for pro use (I've now done 5 projects using all the products so I have some idea of what I speak). Keep it up Affinity Folks! - great stuff over all just not for agency use at this time.
  3. Yeah - unless you've worked in a production environment where you're dealing with a ton of documents from different designers with tight deadlines, it probably doesn't seem that important. It is these small things that separate the truly professional grade applications from consumer or prosumer grade solutions. But if Affinity is going for the Prosumer market than it's a different decision. We are comparing it to a solution that is much older and much, much more expensive after all.
  4. Just created a new user and new document (letter, 22 pages) worked on it a bit, then same behaviour. The scroll indicator going missing shows the bug.
  5. Tried a new document - same behaviour
  6. Also the disappearance of the scroll bar indicator is notable. Why would it disappear in normal behaviour?
  7. watch the video - I have all spotlight keyboard commands turned off
  8. Just tired it with alt+space bar - same behaviour
  9. Also the right hand scroll bar indicator disappears. This may not be user error.
  10. it's holding down spacebar-command-option and click to zoom out (a' la Illustrator)
  11. Here is a link to a video showing this behaviour - this doesn't happen with CS applications. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jobyaytljunr2h9/dissapearing-pages.mov?dl=0
  12. (A) After importing a Designer document (A logo) Go to a different existing page copy 2 different elements (text box & different imported designer element) (via Command-C or right-click select "Copy" - behaviour is the same) Go to another page Paste (via command-v or via the right-click paste command) what is pasted is the placed image from step A iMac/High Sierra 10.13.6/ 32gb RAM
  13. (on an imported IDML which has been worked on quite a bit0 1. While working on a spread: hold down Option, Command, Spacebar in order to zoom - document disappears. Using Command 1, Command-2, or Command-3 won't bring it back. One has to go to the menu and select "Zoom to Width" to get document back. iMac/High Sierra 10.13.6/ 32gb RAM
  14. (Copied from an older post) A huge part is that for pre-press / manufacturing things need to be exact, so not doing things by eye. We often need to step and repeat object = 3.5"x2" Repeat horizontally: 20 x @ 3.5" Repeat Vertically: 20 x @ 2" An even small discrepancy can be quite off at the end causing the need for a reprint and lots of lost money. It would be great (and much MUCH faster) if you could just select "Step and repeat", plug in the numbers and go. Doing that 20 times a day, small efficiencies can add up. Especially as computers are so much better at that type of thing as humans and we didn't loose a war so computers should do the stuff they are good at
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