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  1. I've replied privately to stingOM, but I'd like to post here as well FYI. The product we're talking about is made of a scriptable C++ plugin that relies on a CEP Panel for the GUI/internal logic, hence it is not portable to the Affinity ecosystem (yet, at least). As I've made clear elsewhere, many PS developers are eager to build products for Affinity, as soon as the technology will be ready. To date, it's not clear which shape or form it's going to have. Best regards Davide Barranca cc-extensions.com davidebarranca.com
  2. Sure enough, it'd be nice to have an environment/API that would allow such third-party plugins. I can't wait! I do acknowledge that it isn't the first feat. request that may cheer the average user, but this doesn't mean one shouldn't log a request anyway :-) As for the user segmentation, as a technical author I am evaluating myself whether to go with Affinity or stick to the MarkDown -> LaTeX -> PDF workflow (either Pandoc, LeanPub or SoftCover). Both choices have their pros and cons... Davide
  3. As far as I understand, in this case things are easier on the Windows side of the world – on Mac, not so much :-)
  4. Hi, I've just submitted a feat request here, feel free to vote it :-) I doubt it would ever have high priority, but one should always try. Thanks for all the comments, Davide
  5. Hi, technical authors – myself included – may need to design books that include programming code (C++, JavaScript, Python, you name it) with proper syntax highlighting. As discussed at length in this thread, copy & paste from the code editor (e.g. Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Atom, etc.) to a Text Frame doesn't work. Besides, it seems that Edit > Paste Special is a Win only feature of Publisher. The one workaround available involves an intermediate step: Copy from the code editor. Paste to an application such as Word, Apple Pages, LibreOffice. Copy from Word/Pages/etc. and paste to Publisher text frame. This way, as far as I get, the proper Rich Text information is preserved. Although the process works, the extra step is not only tedious, but doesn't scale up when the book contains a good deal of code samples that must be maintained in an easier, faster fashion. It would be much handier to have the option to either select a portion of text in a Text Frame and assign the Language (programming language) that automatically triggers the appropriate syntax highlighting. Or have a Code Text Frame as a separate tool altogether, with properties, options and such. Thank you! Davide Barranca
  6. Very weird indeed! I would have expected a 1:1 match between platforms. I've not used Word or LibreOffice as a bridge but Apple Pages (so it's VSCode -> Pages -> APub), and it seems to work. As I wrote, even if I do some InDesign stuff I'm not experienced enough to know how page design applications deal with code syntax highlighting, hence the question about the opportunity of a feat. request. Thanks!
  7. Uhm, I may be missing something here – can I ask you where to find Paste Special? I seem unable to open the dialog your screenshot shows. Thanks!
  8. Hi, I have similar needs (code syntax highlighting) and I've found that copying from Visual Studio Code and pasting directly into a Text frame doesn't retain the metadata. An intermediate step pasting to Text Editor doesn't help either. Instead, pasting to Pages, copying from it and eventually pasting to Affinity seems to work – almost, for to apply the specific font glyphs (I use Fira Code, which has super fancy substitutions for stuff like ===, !=, =>, etc.) it's better to re-apply a Style. All in all, it is quite a cumbersome process; frankly I don't know how other page design applications deal with that need – so far I've been using either Leanpub or Softcover, that get markdown in and output pdf with an intermediate LaTeX step – syntax highlighting come as a built-in feature, and it is language-specific (JavaScript has a different highlighting from C, etc) Would that be a sensible feature request? Technical publishing isn't a small niche I suppose :-) Thank you, Davide Barranca
  9. Hi, is there any documentation available about the new "Huge macro and batch processing improvements" for the recent 1.7 release? Thanks! Davide
  10. Thanks for pointing me to that – I should have definitely checked in advance (that's the downside of working by night...)
  11. Hi, I'm facing a quite strange behaviour. I've recorded a short screencast showing it: the forum doesn't allow me to attach a mp4 file, so please see it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/23243188/Affinity.mp4 in words, it goes as follows: I've created a live (non-destructive) boolean, subtracting two rounded corner rectangles. In the video, the "Highlight" Compound Group: it has a lighter gray fill, and it's a part of a slightly more complex group with constraints – a button for an interface I'm building. As soon as I duplicate the button group, the boolean is not visible anymore. It's there, in the layers palette, but it is impossible to successfully apply a fill – it has no effect whatsoever. I've several different groups with subtract non-destructive booleans, and they all behave the same. Please note that storing the group in the Assets palette and then dragging it back on the canvas has the same effect (boolean becomes transparent). Thank you, Davide Barranca
  12. Hi, Affinity Designer 1.5.4, macOS 10.12.2. I've a shape like this: I'm trying to apply an Outline fx, using a Linear Gradient, black to white, set in Screen blending mode. I would expect the values from black to mid-gray not to influence the shape color, and the ones from mid gray to white to make it lighter, such as this (mockup created using a toroid shape): Instead, the result of the fx is like Normal blending mode: in fact it seems all gradient outline blending modes work as normal. Do I have wrong expectations? Thank you, Davide Barranca
  13. FYI, I've added some extra comments and feat. requests related (mainly, but not exclusively) to the Color Correction / Prepress business here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/25530-color-correction-prepress-missing-tools/ Besides automation and Apply Image, the 10 channels palette would be a game changer IMHO. Thank you –Davide
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