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  1. Bump Bump Bump! (Even though I started the thread). This is such a convenient tool to have.
  2. The lack of this feature remains a continuing annoyance every time I use AF Photo. It's been in Photoshop for as long as I can remember, since at least Photoshop 7, waaaaaay back in 2002. Not having this feature is particularly troublesome when I want to use a square brush with the erase tool to trim off corners in at perfect 90 degree angles, or when I want to do a perfectly straight-line clone stamp or brush stroke. Please add this feature. Thing is, it's already in place for the pen tool in AF Photo right now ---- click to drop a node, hold SHIFT to constrain a straight line angle before dropping your next node. It can't be that much more work to add it for the brush, clone stamp, and erase tools.
  3. Love the Affinity apps, bought both Designer and Photo for windows. However --- PLEASE add the ability to draw a pixel brush or eraser stroke to a constrained 45 / 90 / 180 degree angle by pressing and holding the SHIFT key. This is the third time I've requested this. This has been a default UI behavior in Photoshop since at least Photoshop 7. EVERY SINGLE TIME I forget that Affinity Photo doesn't have this (yet), I grit my teeth. I know you can click --- then press shift --- move the cursor --- click again and it will draw the brush stroke to the exact spot of the second click, but there's no way to 100% know that you've constrained the angle exactly 45, 90, or 180 degrees using this method.
  4. Purchased. Very excited. This truly is an opportunity for Serif to carve out a market in the design software space.
  5. I've requested this once already in the Designer Windows Beta forums, but you really need to add the feature that Photoshop has basically had forever where holding SHIFT automatically constrains brush movement to 45, 90, or 180 degrees. This isn't a "deal breaker" per se for me, but it is absolutely the difference between me telling people, "Yeah, Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are pretty good, decent products I guess" to "Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo are amazing tools that you're simply a fool if you don't own them." It's just one of those niggling things that makes me sigh every time I try to do it in Designer/Photo and then remember it simply doesn't work. I realize you can do click/release -> SHIFT -> move cursor -> click, and it will automatically do a brush stroke from the first click to the second, but this is not the same functionality as what I'm asking for. I also know you can do box-select, column-select, etc., and it kind of sort of works . . . but it's not the same. There are so many instances where I've used this feature in Photoshop that not having it in Affinity Photo / Affinity Designer feels like driving a car without a speedometer.
  6. I can't believe people are seriously griping at the price of these apps. Corel is charging $500 for their vector/raster app combo platter. Having experience with both, I know for a fact that PhotoPlus X8 for Windows is BETTER than Corel's raster app, and Affinity Photo will be that much better. I'd happily pay $150 each ($300 for both apps). Serif is charging 1/3 of that price. And we won't even mention the elephant in the room *cough*Adobe CC*cough*.
  7. Re-posting this here from the Windows beta thread ---- For pixel layers in Affinity Designer, and later on for Affinity Photo for Windows, please please please include the feature where if you hold SHIFT while drawing with a brush, pencil, or eraser, it constrains the angle to 90 degrees. This was BY FAR my biggest gripe with the PhotoPlus software. Just a simple little UX feature that Photoshop has had pretty much forever that PhotoPlus never had, and it drove me INSANE. I'm very, very excited for both Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo (moreso Affinity Photo than Designer), but that excitement will be diminished quickly if this feature is not part of the UX for pixel drawing. Please note that this is different from the current pixel layer behavior, where you can click once, then press SHIFT and click again on the layer, and the angle draws a straight line from the original click point to the end click point. That behavior is good, and should remain. The problem is, you can't visually see or predict if your second click was on a perfect 90 degree angle. The behavior I'm talking about is when you click and hold down the mouse to start drawing (or erasing) WHILE holding down SHIFT simultaneously. This should be for both Aff. Designer when drawing pixel layers, and as a default UX action in Aff. Photo.