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  1. Unfortunately Digikam doesn't appear to be able to read .afphoto files (nor PSD). Perhaps there's something in settings I've missed? As far as I'm aware XnViewMP is currently the only 3rd party app that can read .afphoto (and .afdesign). I agree with you 110% regarding darktable (also quite suitable for non RAW as well—tiff, jpeg etc). These recent graffiti images are primarily edited in darktable—RAW, Fuji X-Pro2. (Best viewed on a darkish background)
  2. @m-b Just had a look at your images via your link. You have a well developed versatile eye! Very nice work
  3. On behalf of @CreativApartheid ... XnViewMP most certainly does! Although admittedly currently both .afphoto and .afdesign can only be viewed at low rez in full screen view ...as per screen shots
  4. Real easy! All you have to do is copy your finished image, scale down, and place it into the mirror ball ... however, you know that Brilliant work! I'm impressed
  5. Oh, I really like this! The crown for me, so to speak, would be to have the mirrored ball, also mirrored ... ie showing the mirror within the mirrored ball. Make sense?
  6. Stunning! and ... I have a huge prog-rock collection built up over many years (now on digital) ... If a/any member of this forum is looking for something from their past PM me! Hopefully I'll have it
  7. My apology to the OP as my posts have moved beyond the intended
  8. Hello John, Your post may get lost here (?) Presumably there's a truck load of smartphone/tablet users in the forum ... perhaps you should start a new thread on this subject (?) My apology to the OP as my posts have moved beyond the intended
  9. You have a good eye for (graphic) shape! I'd like to see more of your compositions bringing form, depth etc into them.
  10. Yeah, that's the downside of our digital world ... all so disposable within a short period of time. Unlike film! The 5x7 inch mahogany and brass sheet film view camera I used for many years was made in 1906 (now in retirement and owned by a collector)
  11. These two images were captured using the Dynamic Range Optimisation (DRO) mode in Open Camera. They're singular .png images (converted to .jpg at 85% quality to lower the file size for uploading). The light conditions was quite similar to the images above (captured at approx 10am—the images above at approx 11am). The exposures were auto (ie I didn't minus the exposure to obtain more highlight detail as per my standard practice when shooting in contrasty Oz/NZ light). As per the above images ... both OOC—no post processing! I'm quite impressed how the DRO mode handles both direct contrasty and indirect flat light
  12. Are you able to capture RAW? If so then according to Open Camera Help guide Camera2 API is enabled. The lack of focus bracketing could be to do with the age of your tablet? I have the most recent Android OS update (Android 9) for my Galaxy S8 however, for example, I'm only able to obtain a three exposure bracket (even though I have five exposures checked). The S8 is of course getting on in age now (in digital terms). Have you tried the Dynamic Range Optimisation (DRO) mode? I've just started experimenting with it—it looks quite useful for both flat and high contrast lighting situations (looks more natural than HDR). Peter
  13. @Aaron Martin You're in China? More photos please? I and no doubt others would love to see images from your environment
  14. #1 Yes! Australian/New Zealand/South Pacific/Southern Hemisphere light #2 No. They are .jpg images. The two contrasty images I shot using the HDR mode—three exposures with a 2 stop bracket ie ... -2, 0 and +2. I've been shooting in this light for 40 years so usually I'll reduce the 0 exposure by 1 stop or so ... ie expose for the highlights and let the shadows take care of themselves. I used the 0 image for the upload ... ... Knowing full well I pulled the exposure. However, as mentioned ... no post editing! Note: Even though RAW can be set in preferences (ie recorded with .jpg or .png exposures) Open Camera doesn't record RAW in HDR mode ... it's closed off for the bracket (I'm surprised about that!) What also surprised me is with the contrasty images the shadow detail is still there so it would be quite easy to bring detail out in post editing! (not that I'm going to do anything with the images—just test shots for the app). The other two images were shot in flat, non direct light ... yet, if I wanted to work with images shot in this light from this app there wouldn't be any issues bringing out the goodies! It's a very good app! I initially bought it ... oh, when I had the Samsung Note 2?—It's grown up a lot since then. Recommended Edit: John, you mention contrasty light! Here's a 'soft' light image from my film days
  15. Hello @John Rostron I have Open Camera on my phone (currently Galaxy S8) along with several other camera apps. I tend to use the stock camera mainly however after reading your post(s) I thought I'd blow the cobwebs off Open Camera and have a play with it ... It's very capable! Not far from where I live is a kind of derelict area that was going to be developed into a multi townhouse complex however 'neighbourhood power' won the battle and the area will be turned into a nature reserve (mainly for the benefit of the Koalas that are native to this neighbourhood). The light was crap this morning when playing with the app however here's some test images that are straight out of Open Camera/Galaxy S8 (no post editing deliberately so you can see what the originals look like). The desk and weeds in front of the building are .png that I converted to .jpg (as I don't know if .png are able to be uploaded to the forum). The other two are in camera .jpg. I exported all from APh at the original pixel size with a 85% quality to reduce size. The HDR mode is quite good however I found (with these images) the in app finals were a little bit lacking in contrast (to upload without some post editing).
  16. @fde101 What I'm saying is the Nik plugins work aok in Gimp using the (presumably open source) .dll's that Partha includes in his Gimp builds. The Nik plugins do need to be installed in the default location in order for the .dll's to find them (from what I've read—my set is). Perhaps the Serif devs would be able to reverse engineer the .dll's to find why the Nik plugins (in particular Viveza) work as expected in Gimp but not in APh! I'm referring to the free Google Nik plugins here ...although I did pay Google US$150.00 for my set Edit: .py not .dll
  17. ... Viveza works ok in the current Mac APh retail (?) Not so in Windows and never has! The image opened in Viveza has to be magnified at least 33% and as much as 100% for accurate colour (depending on image—and is intermittent). I use Viveza a lot and have no issues with it in Gimp (Partha's Gimp builds include the appropriate .dll's). Considering they're open source I'm quite surprised Serif haven't picked up on this ... however I'm an end user and realistically have no idea how all this code stuff works
  18. I really like this composite image! As per my sig I'm a real sucker for pareidolia (you can Google that!). The three flying birds—left, right and to a certain degree the one below the wire are, to me, like ballerinas in flight... The other two in flight are ... well, the male dancers in the ballet The three birds on the wire are beautifully positioned and active (the left counter balancing the other two) ... Stunning image however IMHO the background is too heavy ... yellowish/brown! If this was my image I'd be looking at changing that (luminance?)
  19. @PAULRFONTENOT I meant no disrespect Paul. Increasingly our planet is becoming more polarised (and hostile)—the growth of nationalism as one example, the current political and religious hostility between India and Pakistan another example. I personally feel both politics and religion have no place in forums such as this ... because of polarising ideologies. Of course that's my view, the mods here decide on what is and what's not acceptable postings
  20. My apology to @PAULRFONTENOT In this part of the world (Australia and New Zealand) it's the opposite ... the conservative right is blue hence why I thought the post was Trump supportive
  21. Hmmm, Is this a political endorsement for Trump? If so I protest and hopefully the mods here will shut down any and all any political endorsements for 'any' politics. This forum is about the Affinity apps, not a message board for political leanings ... within the guise of "Look what I've done with the app'
  22. Hello @TomSmith I really like the mood and composition of your image however the eye usually, in the first instance, goes to the brightest part (highlights). In your image there's just nothing in the cloud highlights ... blank! zero! ... histogram right side clipped! Does your raw/original image have detail/density in this area? If so bring it in! ... and make it work
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