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  1. My website host is SmugMug so of course I'm biased and recommend it!  ;)

    All drag and drop - both content and site design rearrangement (start with one of their templates then customise it). All very easy - no HTML / prior website building knowledge required.

    SmugMug is primarily for photographers so quite suitable for all visual art genres.

    The basic plan is US$48.00 p.a. As your daughter moves further into her career SmugMug has the marketing and other professional tools (in other plans) that could well be an asset to her ...     


  2. 2 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    If you have only recently recalibrated the monitor, and now things are not working, the recalibration and the setting of the monitor display settings in Windows become important to examine.

    I used to calibrate with Spyder (Pro 4) however I was getting inconsistent recalibration results. 

    @BmrBird Can you revert back to your previous Spyder calibration profile?  Because of Spyder's inconsistent recalibrations I learnt (the hard way!) to save the new recalibration as another profile just in case I had to revert back.  

  3. @BmrBird  Here's the result of my play with the image.

    I wanted to spread the tones as much as possible without clipping - refer to the histogram (there's a small amount of tiny spot shadow clipping in the branch behind the bird and branch right side ... if I removed it the image would be too flat).

    Other than using 16 bit RAW Output Format the Develop Assistant settings are the same as yours (as per your screenshot above).

    The panels you can't see in the screenshot: Shadows & Highlights - both set to -100%. Output profile - Adobe RGB (1998). A small amount of colour noise reduction was applied.

    Note, your results may differ from mine (applying the same settings) due to monitor calibration etc.

    I saved the image as a .afphoto. I can upload it to my Google Drive account if you want it (172 MB).    

    APh_RAW Processed.jpg

  4. Opening the image in PS 2020 (Camera Raw) here's a screenshot. Note by default PS will do some correction - with this image the exposure has been lifted by 1.70 ev (almost 1.75 stops) plus has lifted the shadows +39 and whites +2. (no corrections by me have been done to this image).

    As per my post above the Picasa screenshots histograms indicated under exposure ... confirmed by this screenshot.

    I have opened the image in APh and the results are similar to PS (without PS default correction). Certainly I'm not getting the very dark image the OP has posted.

    It's late here in Oz so will upload the APh images tomorrow ... 

    It's still quite puzzling though why the OP's RAW's are dark as uploaded! (the issue of this thread).  


  5. While the Picasa screenshots show what may seem to be an (almost) correctly exposed image, the histograms in the Picasa screenshots indicate otherwise. The shadows are almost clipped and the other tones crowded on the left side (minimal mid-tones through to high values).

    Any chance of uploading one of these RAW files? ... re process of elimination by examination.

  6. 1 hour ago, dke said:

    The python script in Gimp for Viveza calls Viveza 2.exe instead of the plugin file Viveza2.8bf.


    I have no idea (obviously) how code writing does its business.

    So, is there any reason why the Affinity devs' code can't call .exe instead of .8bf?

    Surely (?) that would sort out these current issues with Viveza (considering there's no issues with Gimp).

  7. On 10/8/2019 at 6:35 AM, rudyumans said:

    No luck here either on widows 10

    I tried both Tiff and Jpeg files. For reasons unknown to mankind, some show the right colors zoomed in at 33% others not until 100%

    Either way, not workable as it is (yet)

    ... and

    19 hours ago, dke said:

    With the free Google Nik plugin Viveza 2 I need 100% zoom to get correct colors for 16-bit tiff files. For 8-bit tiff files and jpeg files 33% zoom are sufficient to get correct colors.

    I'm on Windows 10 and using the Google NIK plugins.

    I've found the following:

    In order to keep coherent as much as possible I've experimented with two different size images (.jpeg) I upload to my website - 2500px (long side) and 3000px (long size) - both 8 bit, sRGB, 96ppi*.

    #1 - 2500px images. No colour issues whatsoever with the default magnification in Viveza (APh 1.8 beta).

    #2 - 3000px images. These images have to be zoomed to 33% to obtain accurate colour.

    Now here's where the fun starts ... If I upsize the 2500px images to 3000px there's still no colour issues (default magnification in Viviza) nor are there any issues if I convert to .tiff .psd etc or convert to Adobe RGB.

    However if I convert the 2500px images to 16 bit then I have to zoom to 100% in Viveza.

    I no longer have installed any Adobe product so I've been using Viveza in Gimp. There's no colour issues whatsoever at the default magnification -  16 bit, pixel size, file format, ICC etc.

    Here's the NIK python files from Gimp. They're open source (as spelt out in the files). Perhaps they may be helpful to the Affinity dev's?

    [* dpi/ppi not important as it's purely for print and/or screen output - 2500 / 96dpi = 26.04 inches and 2500 / 300dpi = 8.33 inches]  

    NIK Plug-Ins - python.zip

  8. Thanks for your quick reply Patrick.

    I'm aware the workbooks can't be shipped to certain countries however Australia isn't one of those countries so I'd have thought there wouldn't be an issue regarding the t-shirt. No worries.

    Are the t-shirts available for purchase? I don't have much use for a workbook (I prefer vid tuts) however I certainly would like to purchase a t-shirt :)

  9. On 9/29/2019 at 3:24 AM, Bryce said:

    Buy the book at discount and get free t-shirt

    I received an email (Sept 14th) offering the workbooks at a discount however there was no mention of a t-shirt.

    I'm puzzled! ... Was the t-shirt offer when the workbook(s) order was placed or was the t-shirt offer to selected countries only?

  10. 38 minutes ago, walt.farrell said:

    But, is there a difference between a "luminosity mask" and a "pixel selection made from layer luminance"?

    Yes, is there?

    In Dave's tut here (just under 1 minute in) he makes a pixel selection made from layer luminance via Ctrl-Shift-Click on thumbnail.

    I've not selected layer luminance this way until viewing that tut so I assume that was the keyboard commands until v1.7 (?)

  11. While I like everything you've posted so far Mark, Smoggy Dove is stunning ... that composite says more in one image than extensive essays I've seen from photogs working the same (similar) theme   thumbup.gif

    Garry/Alfred Here's the link for the RE listing. It looks like a 21mm or maybe 24mm lens (FF camera) has been used with distortion corrected somewhat in, Adobe Camera Raw? The agent I noticed drives a rather new BMW (white ... of course!). Perhaps his repayment on that is so steep he can't afford competent compositers  :D 


  12. ... You could use your compositing skills commercially!

    One industry is real estate dressing ie digital placement of furniture in dwellings for sale (as well as composite external landscaping of new dwellings, commercial buildings etc).

    These two examples I downloaded from the net are from a house for sale not far from my house ... well, you can see just how crappy the composite placements are! Enough said :)




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