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  1. When is the next update to AP. Seems like its been awhile. Also, what is the most current version.
  2. I have been attempting to get help on how to do a drop shadow and add a border to an image. Don't care where I go and the videos I watch the steps never provide me with a finished product I'm looking for. So I'm attaching an image with shows the drop shadow and the border very clearly. I'm hoping someone out there knows how to do this and can either direct me to a concise video or explain the steps. Thank You Gary Hunt
  3. Hey Walt found it. I appreciate your help. Affinity is not easy, especially I think for an older person such as myself. But I will keep trying.
  4. You are going to be sorry you responded to my question. Now i don't see the panels on the left side. Go into studio and don't see option to add. Sorry guys, again please help. Thank You
  5. Thanks guys. What would have caused that to go away. I don't recall doing anything that might have caused it but who knows what I might have done.
  6. Using Windows 11. Was trying some things to learn then it all of a sudden kept saying you must finish editing but it would let me do anything.
  7. Affinity Photo will not let me close it. Says I'm still processing and I'm not. Consequently Affinity stays open when I attempt to shut down my computer. You know guys I want to learn this so bad but I just seem to get rebuked at every turn. I'm just getting very frustrated at this point. If someone could pleas e help me I would appreciate it very much.
  8. Lee - thanks for responding Lee. This is exactly the process I have been using without any luck. Hopefully the on1 Photo RAW 2022 will work. If it doesn't work I would like to find a way where I can acquire James' sky images.
  9. I have been attempting to us On1 Photo as a plug in. I discovered through the Affinity Photo facebook page that I had to do a merge visible before sending image to On1. It never worked. What I'm attempting to do is use James Ristons Atmospher program I purchased to swap a sky and then send to On1 Effects. I can probably do what I want directly in On1 but I paid for a number of skies with James' program I can't use in any other program. So, how do I do this Merge Visible. Do I merge(which is an option) after each adjustment made, or do I wait to do the merge after getting the sky replaced. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Have had no luck finding any info on the process either through youtube, serif.com, or any other potential information source.
  10. Dan I sent the original image. I previously did use the curve tool to lighten the image and cropped some. So if it helps using the curve tool I was able to lighten the image thinking I could show more contrast between sky and bridge to allow me to use the selection too. Didn't work.
  11. Sure. I appreciate your interest in helping. I've been even looking at Channels as an option and got completely lost. Thanks again.IMG_1252.CR2
  12. Recently purchased the Atmosphere skies from James Ritson. I have used the refine tool many time in the past successfully. I'm currently attempting to place of of James' skies in an image but it just is doing a terrible job. Does there have to be a clearly defined edge for the tool to work? The image is a night image from Prague of the Charles Bridge. However, of course the sky is basically black and the foreground is extremely dark as well. I am just not able to obtain a good delineation on the edges so I can place a new sky in. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Thanks for the response. I was impatient. However, another question on this subject. Does anyone know if these images can be used in other programs (i.e. On1 Photo Raw)
  14. Sorry I asked the question. If I offended someone sorry. I know you don't care but what a silly conversation to be having. To James, please accept my apology.
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