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  1. Keep seeing youtube tutorials on teal and orange. What the heck is the big deal with orange and teal. I'm pretty new so I guess I don't see what it is for.
  2. Panels are gone, toolbar gone, tried to reset, tried turning off computer etc. Nothing working. Next step as far as I know is to re-install but if I keep doing this I will run out of the 5 i have allotted to me. How do I bypass reinstalling and not having it count as one of my five.
  3. Thanks for the response. Wasn't expecting it from you. I subscribe to your youtube page and I think you do a great job. Thanks for the quick response. I'll see how it goes.
  4. OK, I must be really stupid. I cannot grasp how the Gradient Tool works in Affinity. I use it all the time when in On1 and I think it works very similar to Affinitys. I think this is a great tool but I'm just not getting it. I want to use Affinity for most of my editing and On1 for refining certain things but i just don't get it. Can anyone help this old man on how to use this tool. Thank You
  5. Can anyone tell me when we can expect a new update. I was thinking there was a beta being looked at at the present time.
  6. Snowcap1


    Sorry John. It's for Affinity Photo. Another quick question for you since I'm an old guy and probably do some stupid things on the computer. Heard different things about Beta's. Should I install and use or wait till the new version comes out. I'm pretty good photographer but just not real good with computers on certain things. Any thoughts would be appreciated. And, thanks for responding to my initial request. Gary
  7. I use On1 Photo RAW in addition to Affinity. When done editing with however many layers your may have On1 allows you to create a "stamped layer" which as I understand it takes all the layers created in your editing process and makes one layer of these thus allowing you to make global adjustments to the completed image. Does Affinity Photo allow this? Love the program and love On1 as well. Each provides me different things. Thanks
  8. The above two tools are'nt working properly. The flood select will after I make a selection say on the top of the photo will by itself move the selection to the bottom. The Selection Brush tool simply sometimes just doesn't work. On occassion while working on will get black screen that will come back but not show any kind of selection. Don't know what to do.
  9. OK, this will sound stupid but I still consider my self a newbie and learning. So my questions is this: Was watching a tutorial and he had TWO layers open at the same time in the layers panel, one the main photo the other a sky for a sky swap. I opened both photos and they are shown above and I can open each individually. How do I get them showing in the layers panel at the same time. Thank YOu

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