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  1. summersara

    Managing Pantone Colors?

    Hi, When doing a google search that particular colour came under the Pantone+Metallics coated:
  2. No problem, good idea to start a new topic on the Isometric panel and snapping specifically, I’m still learning my way around it too
  3. summersara

    Drawing with AD

    I would Say Affinity Photo is more the equivalent to PS and Designer to Illustrator, if you are wanting to use filters, warping, liquify that are also in Procreate you might find Designer limited, it’s definitely worth having both Photo and Designer.
  4. summersara

    Digital art

    Doesn't matter, you can use blend modes to get interesting affects and use the shape tool to create the shapes and use blends modes on those too.
  5. summersara

    Digital art

    The Artist who created that image works with paint on Canvas Jessie, his name Dean Russo and has made a lot of merchandise from his paintings, I don’t think he would appreciate you coping his work identically, yes get inspired and do something similar with the suggestions from Alfred.
  6. Other useful tutorials: Affinity Designer - Transform, scale, rotate & shear Affinity Designer - Object snapping
  7. Hi, You could use the Isometric plane to recreate some of the sides and use the Polygon, Rectangle and triangle shapes together, editing their shape/sides etc via the context toolbar (there's also presets for each shape, via the Cog menu). Affinity Designer - Shape tools Affinity Designer - Isometric design and grid setup To get a photo inside a shape you can just nest it inside the shape in the layers, one of the easiest ways is to right click, copy the image from your computer, with the shape selected go to: Edit>Paste Inside.
  8. Hi Cheryl53 Im not having a problem importing transparent png’s into procreate. I’m using the ‘Share’ option in export tho and saving images to my photos, bringing them into procreate that way. You don’t say if your using Photo or Designer? Try clicking on the settings burger menu in the layers (3 lines in box) and check the box for: Checkboard Background. As you’ve mentioned, make sure the item on your canvas is selected (blue marquee) and that you have the ‘Selection without background’ set in ‘Area’ on the export dialogue page. Maybe the issue is where you are exporting too and some kind of bug.
  9. Lols, Well wonder if the spell worked? Library seeks Witches to translate 17th century spellbook
  10. Hi, If you click on the Colour Studio, Noise and Opacity have then own separate sliders.
  11. summersara

    Background colour

    Thank you for the tip on pixel layer fills for use as a background. The background in a painting program works more like a canvas of a painting, you can give it a set colour but that is it. You can still create new layers on top and fill them with colour to edit. ‘Vining’ sorry i’m not familiar with that word. I still think you could be less harsh with your reply's (even if pettiness annoys you) politeness cost nothing, a simple ‘ But you can also do it this way’ would have been enough.
  12. summersara

    Background colour

    @ErrkaPetti Could you not have posted this is your previous comment (minus the insult) Instead of being so ambiguous? There is still the matter of, if you’ve already started painting (new document) you have to then to create a new pixel layer for the background, fill it, move it, lock it. This is just a feedback/suggestions post on user experience of other drawing programs like Procreate, Sketchbook etc and how they work differently, with a set background that is not part of your work, can’t be moved, locked, no edits made to it and such.
  13. summersara

    Digital art

    I just went onto the different layers and moved things around and into a better place if it needed it.
  14. Hi, I don't know if this is of any help?Its instructions from another Design Mockup site using Affinity: How to use mockups in Affinity Designer As mentioned in the instructions, you can open and edit Adobe PSD files in Affinity programs. This thread might also be helpful: Affinity Photo-Importing PSD files and editing layers
  15. summersara

    Digital art

    That looks fine Josie, I see you’ve switched to Affinity Photo now but your getting along nicely