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  1. Hi, If you're using Designer there is a lady on Youtube East Coast Charm who does great tutorials for creating repeat patterns in Affinity Designer using Symbols: Create A Pattern Template In Affinity Designer The suggestion for this kind of tool has been added to feature requests for the ipad (Designer) so not sure about desktop or Photo :Embroidering Tiny Shapes Inside a Big Shape
  2. Hi BeccaT, This recent post might also be helpful to what reglico has mentioned about the colour profile: EXPORT LOGO TO JPG CHANGES COLOUR
  3. Hi, you could just use the Dodge Brush Tool to lighten the dark edges, reduce the opacity slightly, about 70% and use a soft big brush to swipe around the edges a few times.
  4. Hi Ulrich, Most Photoshop brushes work fine, it just depends on what extra effects they have added to create it and Affinity doesn't have all the same settings. If you are interested here is the afbrush file i exported, i created it in Affinity Photo but can be used in Affinity Designer in the Pixel persona. Star burst.afbrushes
  5. Hi, If its a Photoshop brush there maybe some effect added that doesn't translate into Affinity. You can easily make your own with the shape tool and using the Star shape, set the amount of points you want, i set the inner radius to 5%, outer circle 0%, inner circle 5%, then added Outer glow from the fx settings, increased the radius and then exported the star as a transparent png, go to the brush settings and add new image brush.
  6. Hi, Your Shadow/Highlight adjustment layer is blocking you from seeing any changes, you need to clip it to the first image you created it for, just drag it down and when you see the long blue highlight let go, i actually used the Shadow/Highlight from the Filters drop down menu for speed but the adjustments tab processes are none destructive so you can just delete the adjustment not the image. I also don't think you have given the Dodge layer an Overlay blend mode, so its hiding any effect.
  7. Hi, Did you check the box for extreme in luminance? You will able to pull it up even further to something like 2000 and it will soften the skin out, you have to keep contribution up to 100 to have any effect.
  8. Hi, Becca T If your creating a new textured image brush (which should be coloured) and it paints grey scale, just make sure the colour box on the context toolbar is set to transparent, should have a red line through it, now try painting with your stripe brush.
  9. Hi, Add Noise and Emboss are under 'Filters' on the main Photo Persona, the Develop Persona is the third icon along the top and Noise Reduction is under 'Details' :
  10. Hi, I could most of it, there is no Filter gallery but you can use 'Add noise' instead of film grain and Emboss instead of High pass. The Reduce noise option is in the Develop Persona, you will have to check the Extreme box and max out the Luminance and set contribution close to 100% .
  11. And with a multiply blend mode on the line drawing over the top of the black and white image, with the levels adjusted to exaggerate the dark and light area's:
  12. It might help if you create a line drawing effect, convert your image to black and white, then go to Filters and Detect>Detect Edges, go back to Adjustments and 'Invert' you should get something like this:
  13. Hi, If your on Instagram, do a search for idea’s: #walnuttattoo
  14. Should also add, if you are going to take the shape with the photo inside it into the Liquify Persona, you will need to rasterise it first to change it into a pixel layer, just right click on your clipped image in the layers for the Rasterise option.
  15. Hi avis, The Shapes option is near the bottom of the editing tools (see image below), click on the white arrow to expand for more shapes, then just drag out on your page. You can right click and copy a photo anywhere on your computer and when the shape is selected and you choose 'Paste Inside' it will clip the photo to the shape, it will need some moving around to get photo in the right place.