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  1. It might be worth checking out this thread, the best export option recommended is to PDF, checking not to rasterize anything : Exporting to Illustrator
  2. What was it you found and had to delete in Illustrator? Maybe if you upload your afdesign file here someone can check it? Sorry i don't have Illustrator to look myself. Edit: Might also help to know what format you are exporting from Affinity.
  3. summersara

    AP and Art

    No, you can just use your finger or a cheap, basic stylus but pressure studio effects the vector line you have drawn in Designer, you will need to have pressure set in the context toolbar for the brush and the line selected to change the pressure:
  4. summersara

    AP and Art

    Yep, its not supported as far as i'm aware, only the Apple pencil, i did ask before i bought the app and that's the reply i got, also it was not a listed app on the Wacom site. There isn't the option like there is with other apps, like Procreate, Sketchbook pro, Artrage to sync the stylus.
  5. summersara

    AP and Art

    I guess it is important if you want that real looking thick/thin pressure you get with a pen or pencil on paper, depends what kind of work you are doing? But only the Apple pencil is supported in the Affinity Apps, i have a Wacom Sketch that has pen pressure but only has basic use in Affinity and i only have the Designer App which has a pressure studio option for vector brushes, so not a big issue.
  6. summersara

    Move back tool

    Thanks for that Alfred Hopefully Josie can stay focused on just the one thing and in only the one app at a time and let us know which that is, lol
  7. summersara

    Move back tool

    So there is no 'Edit in Designer/Photo' option when the app is open on the ipad like there is on the desktop version or does it only appear when you have both apps?
  8. summersara

    Move back tool

    Yep, it would seem so from one of there many posts: I only have Designer on my Ipad but how easy is it to flip between the 2 apps when working on one project? I feel like Josie is getting confused with the 2 apps and the different tools in each one.
  9. summersara


    Hi, Yes, you can import abr brushes into Affinity photo and the Pixel persona in Designer.
  10. Hi, Have you added any any Layer Effects like Shadow, 3D effects, Gaussian blur etc? these parts will rasterized, see this thread: Export without Rasterize
  11. summersara

    Flying cat, laser cat

    lol's, with frickin laser beams:
  12. summersara

    Flying cat, laser cat

    Copy and then paste to a new layer.
  13. summersara

    Flying cat, laser cat

    Josie, i think you are getting confused with the two programs? You remove the background differently in Designer, a clipping mask would be the easiest, photo has the best tools for photo editing and removing area's like backgrounds, please confirm what program you are using?
  14. summersara

    Flying cat, laser cat

    Hi Josie, No, none i spotted for Affinity, you could do a search for tutorials for other programs trying to do the same kind of thing and adapt it to the Affinity program your using. But a lot of the work you’ve posted so far involves some kind of design/drawing skill and knowledge of the program being used. Maybe get to know how to use the program first and where all the tools are, Are you using Affinity Photo or Designer? Designer is more for graphic design work and you would need to learn to vector trace your photos/images with the pen tool if you’re not up to designing from scratch, there is no auto trace that magically turns them into cartoons, other programs I think have been suggested? lots of tutorials on YouTube related to vector tracing, it’s pretty much the same technique no matter what program your using. If it’s photo you using then the links I posted are very useful for editing and manipulating photos on the Affinity Photo iPad app.
  15. summersara

    Flying cat, laser cat

    Hi Josie, This lady on YouTube has lots of helpful video’s using Affinity Photo for the iPad: Bethany Acorn She also has a useful video for doing photo manipulation which I think you are asking about? Head Swap She also puts links in the description to photos she uses from Pixabay. Sara :)