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  1. I'm looking for something similar, although I've used the cropping successfully to make a circle into a witch's cauldron, there are times when I would like to use the knife version in other Serif products to cut an item into two- with a freehand cut, not always a straight line cut - and to separate the cut parts and use them independently.
  2. Sunset's servile cat will sort out delivery :)
  3. thanks for the link - I think I like this one even more than the Surface! Times are a-changing and I like the changes, even if I won't be getting either of these for Christmas :D :D :D
  4. The witch's kitchen, lols, where I stir the cauldron :D
  5. Thanks, I've tried it out and it works as suggested. So the Asset Manager stores the name of every category that I create even though I then delete the categories (because I've exported the category and want to remove the assets from the Asset Manager when I start a new document). I just have to make sure that I rename the category before I export, that stores the name. Then when I import the category later it matches up with the saved name. Not quite what I expected, an extra step which I didn't expect because when I export a category it doesn't fill in the current category name by default, just asks me to choose a name - no indication that a new name will be useful in Finder but will show as another copy of Asset or of the last used category name as appropriate. I can see that this isn't normally an issue as the tendency would be to create a new category, add to it and export it, whereas I was changing some aspects of it and exporting under another name. The Asset Manager has made AD much more relevant to me, a great addition :)
  6. We've had the kiddies round, all lovely, I don't know most of them, but they are all escorted safely by their parents, and I wore my best witch's hat :D
  7. I'm used to doing 12x12inch scrapbook pages, the sites where I normally post them scale them down automatically (with an option to view at a larger size), so it is not usually a problem at all; the forum thumbnails are really too small to be useful (I find) so I need to do things a little differently. Thanks for clarifying the reason for the increased size, definitely an oversight on my part to use CMYK, as I don't create for print :D
  8. That is very helpful, thank you for that. I shall remember to check that next time as I had not realised that it would affect the file size as much as it did. :)
  9. I'm glad you suggested that, it crossed my mind this afternoon (after my last post) as it's a method I use elsewhere quite often. I haven't posted on here for a long while and must have forgotten about the large views if the "thumbnails" are clicked on :D :D :D Thanks - fun is what I do best :)
  10. The difference in the original file is more dramatic, down from 25.6Mb to 2.6Mb. I shall have to play around with reducing the size of the canvas, perhaps, for posting here.
  11. Here is version 2, Sunset's book of Scary Spells, no photographs, reasonable file size :)
  12. The file size was caused by the photo of the Workbook! Problem solved :)
  13. It's all vector, no raster, and the original jpeg size would have been over 6Mb. I'll have a look at it later. I did make it 12x12, always playing around in that size in case I can use some of the objects in CA another day.
  14. Oh My, I didn't realise it would open so large! I only saved it at 50% quality, too!!
  15. This was originally an exercise to use the Asset Manager which I love to bits, it lets my play with parts of buildings just like I used to play with my Bayko Building set a few years ago (before the days of Lego houses) and save the parts to rearrange them into a different building another day. Great fun! However, it is Hallowe'en tomorrow night, so I have to do my bit.....
  16. I am delighted to see Asset Management and I'm finding it very useful. Just an issue with saving. 1 Created a new category called Suburbia 2 I wanted to save this category so exported it as Suburbia 2016 10 30 3 Saved my work and closed the program 4 Opened the program today and checked to see what was showing in the Asset Management pop-up 5 Just IOS10 and Suburbia. 6 When I Imported Suburbia 2016 10 30 it seemed to import but only as Suburbia 1 7 Added more items to Suburbia 1, exported the category as Building Blocks 8 Saved my work and closed the program. 9 Opened the program again. Just IOS10 and Suburbia in the pop-up menu 10 Imported Building Blocks 11 The category Building Blocks imported but called itself Suburbia 2 In reality I had tried this several times so my Asset Manager is temporarily populated with quite a few Suburbias with consecutive numbers. Is there any way that I can export a category and get it to Import under its correct name, please? Screenshot 1 is when I was adding today's assets to the Suburbia category that I created yesterday, screenshot 2 shows the results of trying to add either Suburbia 2016 10 30 or Building Blocks. Do I have to, for example, create a new category called Building Blocks before I can import the file again? This is an activity I foresee using often as I might take an existing category but delete some items and add others to change its nature for future use, when it would be easier just to find the best category from my list for the next project and not just use one category which becomes overpopulated.
  17. It might take me a while to save up - seriously, if I could go back to 1988 and start my business again, this is what I would use. Perfect. I want. I have space, too, I sold my old, good as new, A0 drawing board last month due to lack of use.
  18. See page 126 - the link (affin.co/...) is in the same part of each chapter, and page 69, the green page on chapter 2 for the core skills link.
  19. I fell for this, too! Go back a few pages to the green page at the beginning of the chapter - that is the URL (affin.co/...) that you want, although it doesn't look much when you get there, everything you want for the book is there :)
  20. It's a very simple design, no special effects, no fades, glows, anything, just needs to be capable of printing out at anything from A6 to A0 sizes without distortion of pixelation. I'll try a few things around the PDF and see what the results are like. I'll also see if it opens in my Mac AD, too. Thanks :)
  21. Excellent, I can see a price in dollars on it now - since last I looked!!
  22. It still shows currently unavailable for me :D But it does link to a different book in German :)
  23. I have received commercial interest in one of my vector-only creations, the client wants to be able to print to any size from covering a cushion to covering a wall. I wasn't intending the work as anything other than for my own amusement originally (and the client is known to me, so no complications) Question: client does not have Affinity, not yet at least, and I made this piece when I was playing about with the early betas of AD for Windows. The only way I can think of sending a proper scaleable vector file is to find out what program he uses and export in that format? Unless you have a better idea :)
  24. HINT: I can make a space on one of my bookshelves to line up three of these books in due course, Designer, Photo, Publisher................ :D
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