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  1. AD will be one heck of an app should they implement this CSS feature. I really hope they are llistening to this and planning for implementation sometime in the near future.
  2. Second this! Hi Affinity team, please implement a 2-finger-tap for a single undo, a 2-finger-tap-and-hold for multiple undos, a 3-finger-tap for a single redo, a 3-finger-tap-and-hold for multiple redos. Procreate leads in this field and I am guessing it is a very good approach to emulate. Secondly, I do not know if it is just me, but I feel that the leaked UI from last year looks so much better to the one in the currently released app. The tools look they are meant for touch-based input whereas the finished product mimics the desktop version more closely. I am not sure if that is a good thing. Check the pic on last year UI below:
  3. This is such a disrespect for not only the cross-platform paradigm, but a direct-manipulation approach as well, which could genuinely offer quicker and more efficient workflow. One could be just as arrogant if they were to insist on iOS/macOS-exclusive Affinity apps so as to better distribute and tap on resources.
  4. SMA

    Mobile version

    It is almost mid-March 2017, there is still no sight of the iPad versions ...
  5. Try as anyone might, it will all be in vain. I know everybody likes free stuff, me included, but I think it is good to help out a company who is helping creatives by purchasing the physical copy. I have a genuine concern though, when new software updates are released, is Serif releasing a workbook version 2, hence "forcing" users to buy the updated copy (old and new contents) altogether? Or can we have a version 2 with only new contents, guides and projects, to justify another purchase?
  6. I believe this is on the roadmap, so cheers! The question remains, when will a new update see the light of day? I know Serif is usually tight-lipped but I will take any vague answer (like a month or so from now) at this point in time. :)
  7. Just thought of bringing this topic up again. I was trying Autodesk Sketchbook Pro's perspective tool. I think it is an interesting implementation. Not perfect, but great. Affinity team, could you take a page from this and provide us a perspective tool in Designer soon? Their french curves are good to have too.
  8. Affinity team working on a DAM software, which should address your concern. This current workaround not possible for you? - save your assets to cloud storage instead.
  9. Serif is working on a Photo workbook, similar to the already released Designer workbook.
  10. I do not think the macOS version has any either. Serif usually does not give ETAs.
  11. There should be parameters to play with concerning the two features, and Serif may implement differently but it is always good to note new technologies that others come up with, to say the least. They inspire.
  12. First of all, MikeW, we are not just talking about one or two use cases, concerning ColorChameleon (CC). Fortunately, you were quick to point out, there could be other instances where CC would come in handy. Secondly, I knew QuickLayout (QL) was demoed using AI. But I'm making a case for Publisher. I don't even need to open an app to find out if a QL feature were useful. And obviously, all those drawbacks/constraints you mentioned, will need to be addressed if Serif were to come up with a highly effective/successful tool in this department. This is for their consideration. Again, we should not just be limiting to one or two use cases here.