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  1. Can someone from Affinity please comment on this? I see from other posts it's been repeatedly requested and years ago Affinity have commented that it was in their plans. Please could you confirm what is currently possible with setting up 3 point perspective grids to facilitate drawing in perspective or when it might be implemented please? Thanks Chris
  2. I really want this too - exactly this - has it ever been implemented?
  3. Hi - I am considering transition from Procreate to Affinity photo to produce digital paintings and sketches. Could someone please tell me if there is a perspective grid in AP that works like the one in Procreate? As in you can set your 3 point perspective grid and draw lines that snap to the perspective grid line helpers? Thanks Chris
  4. Thank you - I have seen these. They are useful but not really aimed at painting specifically - I would like to know things like how to set up perspective grids and if it is possible to draw lines that snap to the perspective lines - for example. Are there any resources aimed at this use case specifically? Thank you
  5. Hey guys - I'm really keen to start painting in Affinity Photo. I have bought Astropad to use it with my iPad and downloaded loads of abr. format brushes. I was surprised, though, at the lack of information/content online for use of AP for digital painting/sketching etc. I wondered if anyone could direct me to any tutorials or resources that you've come across that might help me get started and learn more. Many thanks Chris
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