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  1. Tried to make the emphasis on the mountain but still include a bit more detail in the foreground. A bit less subtle than my previous post (Desert scene) also.
  2. I like it, especially the snowman looks good! I agree with Kodiak though - I don't know if it's the look you were wanting to achieve but I'd look at the opacity levels on things like the trees/brush as you can see the outline of the backgrounds beneath. That could just be personal preference though. Very festive :)
  3. Thank you for both the info/discussions - I know it's not up to scratch but putting it on here has helped massively already as I can learn more from people who are experienced in this. I'll look into the links as soon as I can and see if I can add these into the site.
  4. Liamd88


    maybe next time. I'd rather have the real thing though :)
  5. Thank you again for your advice, I've taken it into consideration :) I have done a couple of different logos and this below was a preferred option - maybe including some text in the bottom half too (but thats to be decided)
  6. Liamd88


    Thanks to some inspiration and a bit of free time.
  7. I don't find it offending at all, thank you for pointing that out :) any help is appreciated.I have never done a logo before so I will take your comments on board for sure.
  8. I've been trying to teach myself the basic principles of web design and UI design during my free time. Using an online course and inspiration ideas from various sources I have been creating a site for my brothers expansive collection of basketball trainers. It's a 1 page design as there isn't too many things to display but just a couple of things to note - The 'about us' section will include links to the various social media pages of the photographer/customiser who refurbished the shoes. The 'comments' section will include a scrolling list. In the 'kicks' section, images will appear greyscale until the mouse is hovering over a selection.Once a trainer is selected it brings up the pop up window as shown in the 2nd image attached. I went for a simple design but this is not a finished project as its only a desktop view, I am currently using some AD tutorials to learn about constraints to create mobile/tablet versions also (and hopefully into a fully functional website). Eventually I will potentially consider designing pages for purchasing a pair of shoes etc as well but I just thought I'd get some views and maybe some things to improve on - so any comments are more than welcome.
  9. Just something I've worked on recently.
  10. It's a tutorial for illustrator, but it's very easily transferred to AD.Here's the link https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-a-realistic-egg--vector-3456
  11. That's a good thing you didn't notice :) I'll try it out side by side when I get some free time.Thank you for your opinion on that
  12. Thanks, I'm unsure whether the shadows under the shell need to be replaced or reshaped though?
  13. Found a pretty good tutorial to create a realistic egg so I thought I'd give it a go. It helped me to understand lighting and shadows a bit more also :)
  14. Oops, I uploaded the unfinished image. This is the final copy -
  15. Thought I'd attempt to draw a smaller type of object this time round. It's alot different to my last couple of posts but saw it as a different type of challenge - which is always welcome :)
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