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  1. It works just fine on my Windows version, just not on the Mac
  2. Given that it is cat day, today.... On my MacBook Pro, I've been trying to access the cat shape at the bottom of the shapes flyout. I can access the shapes as far as the call out, but I can't get the tear, heart or cat to work. It makes no difference whether I"m in my default screen view or if I go to full screen. I've tried jiggling all sorts of things but to no avail. I'll check my windows version asap.
  3. That's very kind of you to look! However, the Workbook would change pages all by itself too often, so I might have to settle for the one I have - the pegs come forwards, not sideways, to accommodate those v-e-r-y chunky coffee table books! https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fellowes-Booklift-Copy-Holder-Silver/dp/B00006IC4E/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1481476357&sr=8-1&keywords=book+stand+fellowes
  4. If we all get together we could put in an order and save on delivery costs! I need a nice book rest so I can put the book on the arm of the sofa whilst using the Mac on the Ikea laptop table (delivered same day as the book!), I have a book rest but it's old plastic and my Workbook really wants something more 'authentic' :)
  5. I really like this, scene and colours, lovely :) :) :)
  6. Thank you, it's a good tutorial to follow :)
  7. Sunset

    Pie Logo

    Looks good to me!
  8. I have been following the workbook tutorial for The Whittler - not completed, there are other demands on my time - but I've enjoyed going through the processes, especially using the vector and raster brushes to create texture on the tree. I completed the robot with simple linear gradients for now, the rest can follow another day. This is my interim take on The Whittler and, whilst it is capable of greater finesse in the future, I am happy with it at this stage.
  9. Is there going to be a rule of thirds guide for designer? I've just been following one of the tutorials in the workbook and it looks like the number of pixels has to be calculated to divide the (required for the project) rectangle into a 3x3 grid. An 'elastic' rule of thirds grid would have been so much quicker.
  10. I rename the new asset collection and then export it to a folder I created on my hard disk drive, I've done this for a few collections now - serves two purposes, a backup and I can move it to a different computer. A very useful facility.
  11. Thanks Alfred, I did try that - it works with shapes in Designer - but I just couldn't get the pesky layers to do what I wanted at all. I shall try again.
  12. Is there an easier way? 1 open a photograph 2 type SKY 3 Ensure the background photo is not locked 4 Copy the background photo 5 Select the text SKY 6 Go to Edit and Paste Inside 7 It looks like it hasn't worked and SKY has disappeared 8 Check the layers, it's there. 9 Turn off the other layers, and SKY is now filled with a picture of the sky.
  13. If I'd known where my mind was going to take me, I would have used Affinity Photo for this, but it's made with Affinity Designer which was very capable. I have just watched a TV program about the modern movement of Authenticity and Hipster, so this is a blend of three of my photos - a stately home, my garden fence and a wall and some old silver cutlery with some text added - and a little brush work around the edges.
  14. I quite like watching tutorials on Vimeo on my iPad next to the Mac, it's the modern way to me. I just love modern technology and threaten to name my little traditional 1920s house as "Technology House". But I also have a passion for beautiful shiny books, always to hand, beautiful to handle and to read. I just enjoy the best of both worlds because it suits me. Reading the tutorials on the iPad would be easier to work with, I agree, but oddly perhaps I've picked up more useful stuff from one short paragraph on a page in the book than I would have done from a video, probably because I am more relaxed with the book :) There again I have the advantage of being in the middle of the UK and got my book within 24 hours of it coming on sale, it was almost as instant as online (well, in the greater scheme of things). What would I do if I lived elsewhere? Being me, I'd probably get the book, if the shipping was not too exorbitant, and a shiny new bookstand and continue with the tutorials online. It took consideration, though :)
  15. I had a search around my "office" earlier and found my book rest from years ago, it balances on the arm of the sofa next to me (and will also sit on my desk of course) and it's wide enough to hold the Workbook safely. Works well, and I (personally) still enjoy just browsing through my coffee table book for inspiration in the odd moment. Everyone to their own, though, I accept. :) I would add the picture but there is no option. I might treat myself to a snazzier 'cookery' book rest :)
  16. A lovely, clean and crisp, first upload to the gallery!
  17. Sunset

    Vector Egg

    TBH, I had not noticed the shadows under the eggshell until you mentioned them (which usually means that they are good). The dark shadows look fine to me, I don't see them which means they are what my brain expects as part of the picture, the fainter outer shading is what I notice so perhaps that could be omitted - I wouldn't be able to say unless I saw two version side by side, it's a personal thing, I think, so don't be influenced by me, I was happy with the picture as I first saw it :)
  18. Inspired by, but not a copy of, the recent screen adaptation of the life of the young Queen Victoria. Sketched on a top layer and painted underneath the sketch on a lower layer, then judicial erasing of parts of the sketch to finish. Made with Affinity Designer for Mac.
  19. Two more great tigers! I like the knitted background, too, but the detail on the painting of the tigers is so beautiful.
  20. Sunset

    Vector Egg

    That is "pretty good"! Especially the shading on the egg shell.
  21. It's lovely to see the tiger in such detail, looks fabulous :)
  22. Lovely paintings, Rosie :)
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