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  1. @Realm_SGG Not really an answer to your questions (sorry) but is there any reason why you have not updated Win 10 to a later version? Jeff
  2. @Ali Completely OT but it's good to see another ex-Community Plus member here! Jeff
  3. @sbishop58 Welcome to the Affinity forums. You've posted your question to the forum for Affinity products on iPad. I think you might receive rather more helpful replies if you repost to the forum for the products on MAC Desktop. Jeff
  4. @Bynah Follow the advice in the post from @carl123, two above yours. You were previously advised to turn on Show Special Characters, which is what those blue symbols are; now you can turn them off again.
  5. @SUBH OK, understood! If you wish to respond to a particular user then simply type @ and, without any gap, start to type his/her forum name. A drop-down list of names will then appear, simply click on the correct one for that user. This process, called tagging, will then draw that user's attention to your post. In your case, you could have tagged all those individuals in one single post, thus not needing to post the same thing six times! Whether or not you tag someone ALL posts to the forum are visible to ALL users unless, for some reason, the poster decides to hide his/her post(s). I think it might be advisable if you hid five of your six repeat posts; to do this click on the ellipse (the three dots) at the top right corner of any of your own posts and choose the option "Hide". Doing so, will mena that you are no longer viewed as a potential spammer 👍
  6. @SUBH Please stop spamming the forum with identical copies of the same post!!! As I write this there are 6 identical posts in this thread! You absolutely need to ask your client for more details of their requirements, as already explained to you. A logo on a PowerPoint slide might be placed, at a small size, in one area of the slide, or might be required sometimes to effectively "fill" the slide. In such circumstances it might be possible for you to produce one version of the logo, in a format which is scalable (i.e., can be enlarged or shrunk without quality loss) but your client may actually require you to create those different sizes.
  7. @Richard Curry Which Antivirus and Firewall software do you run? As @Komatös wrote above, whichever they are they are giving you a totally false positive. Depending on which they are you may need to whitelist Photo.exe AND inform the manufacturers of the software about the false positive.
  8. @PGL When I downgraded the driver for my card - by uninstalling the one that was then installed and then downloading and installing the last one that had "worked" (21.3.1) - I regained full use of ALL my Affinity apps, and all of my other software, including some pretty high-end video and audio editing apps, seemed to continue to work without a problem. Jeff
  9. @PGL Possibly. But your AMD Radeon Graphics Card drivers could also be the problem! Exactly which card do you have and which driver version are you running? You can see my computer spec in my signature below. For my AMD Radeon R7 360 card I am running driver and software version 21.3.1. I'm pretty certain this is NOT the latest but, earlier this year, when I updated to whatever was then the latest version of that software, Affinity Photo would not start on my system. Only reverting those drivers to the version I now have would allow it to open. Interestingly, the installed Radeon Software Control Panel tells me the software is up to date but I know that there have been at least two or three newer version releases in the past month or so. HTH Jeff
  10. @sharonr Just to possibly add a little more confusion to this (sorry!); the screenshots you attached to an earlier reply include the one of the message about entering your Product Key, and you asked why this message keeps appearing. The answer is because you have not entered the Product Key which Serif/Affinity would have supplied to you, both in a confirmation email and via your personal account if you purchased the app direct from Serif. However, if, for some reason, you purchased the app at the Windows Store but downloaded and installed the Serif Store Trial version, you need to remove the Serif Store version and download and install from the Windows Store. The two versions are, for licensing purposes only, completely independent. HTH Jeff
  11. @wenruano Purchases from the Mac App Store are totally independent of purchases direct from Serif, they are not interchangeable. As you have stated, if you wish to use the Serif/Affinity Store version you will need to purchase it again, from Serif, since they and Apple share no user data at all. IOW, Serif do not "know" that you have previously purchased the App Store version. HTH Jeff
  12. @LeonardoT Welcome to the Affinity forums. Affinity Photo for iPad can be purchased from the iPad App Store only so you need to go to your iPad Store Account, log in, and see what options are available to you. I suspect Apple/Serif will not be pleased to see you were refunded for your earlier purchase of Affinity Photo, but continued to use it! I believe such actions are a direct contravention of the conditions attached to the grant of a refund. As to whether this will affect the opportunity for you to buy the app again, I have no idea. Jeff
  13. @Putterer If you are running APh in Windows then DXO Viewpoint 3 plugin doesn't cause the crash that @firstdefence reports for Mac. Jeff
  14. @Chris1239847493 Welcome to the Affinity forums. How shortsighted of your administrator!! However, there is no need to cancel your trial, I think. At the end of the trial period access to whichever Affinity app(s) you have will simply be lost and it/they will no longer run. HTH Jeff
  15. Why have you started a new thread about this when you already have one which has received numerous replies, here? Jeff
  16. @Mike_D You've posted to the "Affinity on iPad Questions" forum but I think this really needs to be posted to the appropriate forum for Mac OS. Jeff
  17. @rsmcguitar I wonder whether this is a case of Windows Protected Folders preventing access for writing the licence file? https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/security/defender-endpoint/controlled-folders?view=o365-worldwide#windows-system-folders-are-protected-by-default gives more details, including how to check exactly which folders are being “protected”. Jeff
  18. @Frank Van Atta @user2021 has obviously resolved whatever problem he/she had! Hence he/she has edited the post to remove the actual question.
  19. You asked that earlier, and the answer is still No, sorry
  20. @NATORI You need to attach the actual RAW file, not a screenshot of what you see in AP. Jeff
  21. @Jo Martin Welcome to the Affinity forums. Assuming you are using Windows, and following on from what @John Rostron has written, the first thing to check is the OpenCL setting. Do not attempt to start a new file but Close the initial splashscreen and then go to Preferences>Performance. It should look something like this: Check the setting I have highlighted; if it is ticked, untick it! HTH Jeff
  22. @Jack Hanson No problem opening your file on Windows, using the latest release version ( or the latest Beta ( Jeff
  23. @k5astro Apologies for the delay in replying! I think the "Authorize Global" is a setting specific to Mac OS? Certainly, I don't see it on Windows so really can't advise whether it should or should not be active. Hopefully a Mac user will see your question and be able to help. Jeff
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