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  1. The document was created in Affinity. I opened the working file, edited the links, and then exported again. It appears that maybe the new links are not overwriting the old. It was also exported with a different file name so it's not a refresh issue in the PDF viewer.
  2. I just updated to 1.9.3. My client wanted to update links in a PDF document. After I edited these, they were incorrect after export. A few issues arose. 1. The link I inputted with a subdomain Amark.com/gar worked correctly for me in Apple Preview but only the main website Amarki.com opened for him (not sure what PDF viewer he was using). 2. The Zoom link I updated for a webinar register link was completely wrong and went to a broken page for both of us. I suspect this may have been an old link but not sure if that's it or if it was altered by Publisher somehow on export. 3. An
  3. I would say this is only true from a feature perspective, and Affinity is only a few features away from being a true competitor with respect to the most desirables, image/perspective warp being one of them along with image trace (bitmap to vector). Keeping warped elements vector is important as well for logos and the like. I follow several Affinity social media groups and it's always these two features people are looking for workarounds for. The intuitiveness of the UX and workflow in Affinity are superb, and I think that's why most of us use it. I was off and running almost immediately when I
  4. When I make multiple artboards in a document, in this case for a set of display ads, and the artboards are sized to a spec like 300x250px, whether I use Export Persona or export individually, a single pixel is often added to the X or Y axis of the artboard and the positioning is off. This results in a 1 px gap on one or both of the axises. This was occurring before and after the 1.9 update. The fix then involves going into export persona and resizing the artboard slices but then some of them are still out of position by a pixel so I have to move the slice as well by comparing to the first
  5. +1 on what everyone in this thread has been asking for. We need vector perspective distort badly (and other warp tools would be nice too) to use this software professionally without frustrating workarounds. I love Affinity. I was a Fireworks user years ago and was so annoyed when Adobe bought it and just let it die not realizing the value it brought in ease of use and layout for screen. For a while I lost about 30% efficiency. Affinity has that intuitive ease of use but is missing this most important feature. I'm tired of trying to evangelize this software but having to say for years now, "It'
  6. + 1 This is useful for infographics and UI dashboard design. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for the solution. That is a pretty manual process and I'm not sure it accounts for 2X or better output of individual images in the future for retina displays? I could make the whole document double resolution but then there would be some images I'd want to export at half resolution in which I believe would be a manual process of copying and pasting into a new file and exporting at half its actual size. That would also increase the file size of the build. This is really about optimizing the entire file once I'm done building, so it would basically go in and rasterize all bitmaps to 2X, 4
  8. Yeah, this is a huge problem when buying stock vector art. Half of it is unusable. Very much looking forward to the fix. Hopefully soon since it's 2 years on now?
  9. When I place full resolution photos in files they can be quite large even though I've scaled those images down quite a bit. For example, I just designed a landing page and the layered file is 150MB. It would be great if there was an option to optimize files so that you could choose how many times larger than the displayed size the layered images within should be. For example, if I intend to export for 2X retina, I may want to compress all images to a max of 2X their displayed size/resolution in the native file. Now suddenly what was a 150MB file is a fraction of that size. Or, if I want to ret
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