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  1. Why is this such a problem for you? As Mark says, he has replied to you in the Designer forum and explained why Aero is needed for the Affinity range. As I understand it that is not going to change.
  2. Just to take this topic a little further...! I have a number of plugins, including NeatImage, PhotoWiz collection, Topaz, etc., etc. working in PhotoPlus X8 and I simply added their current folder location to the screen in AP preferences and they all became available in AP. I have not yet had opportunity to test them - quite a number are listed as "unknown" - but so far all seem to work as expected, even at least some of the "unknowns", and considerably faster than they do in PhP X8 64 bit.
  3. Highvoltage, I realise this won't help you but I have just tried to duplicate (no pun intended) this, following the procedure in your earlier gif file: it doesn't happen for me.
  4. Are you running the latest version, I'm pretty certain these were all problems associated with version
  5. @MEB, thank you for this, but maybe there should be a post/sticky/announcement explaining this so that other users don't experience a similar problem? Or, temporarily remove the links I've seen in at least two different threads? Jeff
  6. According to Mark's final post in the now locked thread on, there is a new build now available, but clicking on the link produces the attached message. Help!! Jeff
  7. Not Andre, but I have the Epson P50, which I is what Andre mentioned in an earlier post he has, I believe. This file prints for me exactly as it appears on-screen in AD I quite deliberately made no changes to my printer's settings, simply choosing File>Print after opening Andre's file. Jeff
  8. Not wishing to muddy the waters at all but on my computer, with over 1,000 fonts installed, AD has just opened in approximately 10 seconds.
  9. Yes, of course! I have the Pro version and it does operate on 32 and 64 bit programs. Sorry for the misinformation but I'm glad you were able to resolve your problem.
  10. Adam, I have not seen this problem with AD but it is not unknown for Windows to "throw a wobbly" when it attempts to uninstall almost any program! The usual advice in such circumstances is to download and install the (free) http://download.cnet.com/Revo-Uninstaller/3000-2096_4-10687648.html, run it and tell it you wish to specifically uninstall AD. It's always advisable to check carefully what it is telling you it is going to remove, especially if you have other Serif programs on your computer. As a matter of interest, the Pro version of Revo Uninstaller is well worth the cost of buying if you want to always ensure that any installed program is completely removed; it also offers a facility to monitor the installation of a program, thus making even "easier" any subsequently needed uninstallation.
  11. @The Crusty Baker and @ikas, if you are not running version, go to the beginning of the first post in https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/22639-affinity-designer-public-beta-1507-windows/ to download the latest version. Jeff
  12. For anyone else finding this thread: Bullguard Support agree all the affected files are "false positives" and have updated their AV definitions accordingly.
  13. Andre, I know this does not help you, but I downloaded your file, printed 3 copies on my Epson Photo T50 (so the same printer as you), all printed full size, no problem. (I am running the latest version, Jeff I wonder, also, whether it is worth checking that you have the latest printer drivers installed. From the Epson web site I see they last released a driver update in September 2015.
  14. Thank you Mark and Max. I am in contact with Bullguard support and await their response. Jeff
  15. Have just installed the latest beta. Installation was rather slower than previous versions, especially for the M$ NET requirement but seemed to go without hitch. Following a reboot, the new version opened and, although I have not seriously tested it yet, seems to perform without difficulty. However, when I just now returned to my computer I was confronted with a security message from my AV, Bullguard Internet Security, with a message that a series of files, apparently installed at the time of the upgrade are Trojans and they have been quarantined! I assume these files actually came from the NET Framework installation since they were all located in C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_64\System.Web.Routing\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Presentatio53a7a42c#\ or C:\Windows\assembly\NativeImages_v4.0.30319_32\Microsoft.VisualC\ Obviously (I hope) there are additional file names at the end of each string above, 4 for the first location, 2 for the second and 8 for the third. All are described by Bullguard as "Trojan.Generic". I can retrieve these files from quarantine but have not done so yet since AD still seems to run without problem, but I would welcome a developer's/moderator's input on this. Thoughts/advice, please! Thank you. Jeff
  16. Ian, the answer to your first question is in the first post to this thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/21990-affinity-designer-public-beta-1505-windows/
  17. David, Affinity Designer is not the "replacement" for PagePlus, but rather for DrawPlus. Affinity Publisher is intended for that role but is still quite a long way away, certainly well into next year I believe. However, even then it seems highly unlikely that native PP files will directly import to Affinity Publisher.
  18. No such problem here, running Win 10 Pro. Thumbnails of JPEGs continue to display exactly as they did before.
  19. Mark, screen resolution is 1920x1080 and ClearType is on. Edit to add; on my machine this font problem occurs ONLY on screens like "Preferences"; the main UI text display is absolutely fine!
  20. Not Ophie, but I do have AD running under Windows 10 Pro and I also see the font problem. I should add that I have not experienced any of the other problems with installing or running the program that are clearly affecting at least a substantial minority of users of the beta. I am not an expert in graphic design so have not needed to test many of the more complex features. Computer Specs: Windows 10 Pro 64 bit i7 6700k processor 32Gb Ram AMI Radeon R7 360 graphics card System Drive (C:\) is 250 Gb SSD (but see below for note on where AD is actually installed on my machine) Because I have a partition on a 1Tb HDD dedicated to "Programs" (D:\), AD is installed in a folder on that drive, alongside all my other Serif programs. From my experience, it seems to be perfectly possible to have AD (version running successfully from a "non-standard" installation location. Perhaps one other point is also relevant with reference to other problems experienced by some users; Windows 10 was a "clean" install (sort of!) It is actually a brand new computer on which I first installed Win 7 Pro 64 bit (and nothing else - I had a spare installation disc) and then did the "free" upgrade to Win 10.
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