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  1. Absolutely... For the truth: if you select a single image (a jpeg too) in a photo collage and edit it you can see all the adjustment layers adding one after the other, under the backgound layer, but it's not as useful and effective as having a new instance opened...
  2. Hi Old Bruce and walt, thank you for answering! You both are right: I posted the wrong link (the right one is placing documents) but I'd missed that documents that allow a double click opening in a new window are another .afphoto and not a simple image file... My mistake :-) A.
  3. Hi everybody, i didn't find anything with a first search so I'm starting a new topic... I created a new canvas and placed three images: two are .tif, created with digital photo performer 4, and the third is a .tiff, exported from AP (1.6.6); I finally created a fill layer that I placed as a background. I need to edit single images and I double clicked on each of them but nothing happened while I was expecting them to open in a new window, as showed in the creating photo collages video tutorials... Did I miss something? Thank you everybody for helping me! :-) A.
  4. Hi Alfred, thank you for answering! So I was wrong... I missed that manual page even if I usually search on manuals... I hope I'll do better from now on...
  5. Hi everybody, I received the book some days ago - after a long wait - and I'm starting to explore it; what I noticed is that in the example projects, just as in the tutorial videos, it's stated "do this and this, set this value to x%" and so on but there's no explanation about some commands in general... Let's say, Impainting brush tool: what's the general effect of opacity, flow, hardness? I guess I can't apply the same values I read in the projects examples for every photo I edit... In my opinion, even as a teacher, this is an annoying lack in a manual... Or I'm I missing some
  6. Tank you DWright, my question was: do I need to download the app too or put a like/comment on facebook is enough? I saw in another post that is not possible to download the app with an old ipad2 :-/ To be more precise: one like or one comment OR one like and one comment? Thanx
  7. Hi everybody, may I download the new affinity app even if I'm still working on an old ipad 2? I wouldn't miss the opportunity to win a brand new ipad... Thanx!
  8. Hi everybody at Serif, I ordered my Affinity Photo Workbook copy on november 23rd but I still haven't received anything: I'm living in Italy... The site stated 'delivery in five-seven working day' for Europe... Can someone reassure me I will get it? (I wrote on affinity site yet but I received no answer...) Many thanx p.s. sorry! I've just read the previous posts...
  9. Hi MEB, and thank you for super fast answering! I watched the video again and it showed an .aphoto document placing, actually.... So, one more question about collages: do you suggest creating them by opening separate images or by embedding different aphoto docs, so to keep the chance to correct images on the way? thank you again! arfo p.s. tutorial videos are very useful but I think (not alone, I guess) that a regular, official, pdf manual is a must for a program like Affinity that I hope to use in the future (I'm a very newbie, as you can see...)
  10. Hi, I just created a collage with multiple images, following video tutorial instructions, but when I double click on a single image for editing it doesn't open in a separate window.... Is this a bug or do I miss something in option, preferences and so on... Thank for answering... arfo
  11. Hi havovubu, thank you for answering! I'm very curious about your advice but I don't see any screenshot... (reading from an old ipad2...) I'm hoping you can post it again! arfo
  12. Thank you R C-R, I basicly wish I could tag and organize photos keeping them in their original folder (exactly like iPhoto's smart albums) so I'll try your advice for sure. In case I should fail can you suggest me a free or cheap alternative (until I can get a yosemite installer...)? I also use dpp4 but it can only rate photos with stars and/or flags; no tags. @uuiop: Sierra? I'm on mavericks and I don't want to update sierra or el capitain for now because I shoul upgrade different sw lucenses too....
  13. ...could someone, please, suggest me a free mac DAM, mainly for tagging-browsing my photos? (I know: adobe bridge it's free but I'm still running Mavericks and i missed to download a Yosemite installer...) Many thanks, anyway arfo
  14. Hi rintin, hi emmrec, thank you for answering, as rintin says I would like to make thing as simple as possible (only one software?) but raw conversion is still a problem (for me) with AP while DPP4 is not as powerful for editing... I'm trying to understand if I do some mistake with AP raw developing... @emmrec: in AP you can set variour parameters in the assistant like 'apply tone curve and so on and it change the starting point very much; i did various attempts but at the end I always come out with less details definition... Some other opinion/experience? arfo
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