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  1. Adam Kielcz

    Leica C-Lux typ 1549 support

    Sorry for late reply. I got reply from Capture One and it was done in a few days. C1 supports Leica C-Lux typ 1546. DxO Photolab 2 supports it's Panasonic version, but not C-Lux. Thank you!
  2. Adam Kielcz

    Leica C-Lux typ 1549 support

    Thank you! _1000167.RWL
  3. Adam Kielcz

    Leica C-Lux support

    Are you suggesting that I rename RWL to RW2. IMHI it's not that simple.
  4. To: Affinity Photo Would be possible to add support for this camera in the near future?
  5. Any idea when this camera is going to be supported in AP? Thank you!
  6. So how come I have to pay for Windows cersion, if I've Mac version?
  7. Adam Kielcz

    AP crashes

    It doesn't matter anymore. This software isn't for me at this stage. I asked to be refunded.
  8. Hello, Just installed AP on my PC, Windows 10, 64bit, 16GB memory. Tried to load a bunch of images and it crushed. BTW is there a way to move between images in AP or you can work only on image at the time? How do you do batch processing then? I didn't get free macros either. Thank you!
  9. Are all future releases of AP free to current customers? If I bought AP on Apple Store do I have to purchase it again for my PC? I understand that you allow installation on as many computers as personally control. Thank you!
  10. Adam Kielcz

    sky replacement

    Thanks! Very nice.
  11. I'd also like to see list of lenses that have auto correction in AP. BTW is it possible to correct perspective (not horizon) in similar way as in LR. Thank you!

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