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  1. Hi Timo You make many good points so thank you for being constructive. Summing all this up, I absolutely agree that a DAM is essential for most users who like you, want that one stop approach where everything is at hand. Of course I see the benefits to that approach. I used this approach myself for many years with both Aperture and Lightroom. I am very familiar with all their excellent features. Some of these features are crucial for many users. To conclude I just make the following points in relation to AP together with MAC OS: AP & MAC OS combined can offer the vast majority of the features found in most DAMs including LR and Aperture: I agree that you do need to the capabilities of the MAC OS. But like any software (including LR) you need to know this too. Many people if they were aware of the power of AP combined with MAC OS would not need a DAM (Most features essential to them would be right there). I do not need a DAM. A DAM for me personally just adds a 'middle man' into my workflow and duplicates many of the features I already have; making things more complex. Like you though, I feel know need to convince anyone that this workflow works for me. My initial aim was to change your original misconception that the MAC OS was only capable "putting some stars and colour to a picture or reading the metadata from a file". As I made clear above "AP & MAC OS combined can offer the vast majority of the features found in most DAMs including LR and Aperture!" Having said all this, I really do look forward to the Affinity DAM. If developed correctly then I too may want to give it a go. For information though, I consider Apple Aperture to be the best DAM ever! :) If Serif purchased Aperture and developed an Affinity DAM it would be a great day! For now though. I will stick with my OS combined with AP. Regards Wayne
  2. Hi DC I must say I was hoping for a more challenging set of examples. I have picked through the features you cited and come up with the following: Searching: I really find this one quite amusing. One of the fundamental functions of any OS is to incorporate a comprehensive search engine. The MAC OS for examples can search for files by date, size, name, tags, ratings, keywords, filename, file extension etc. etc. Searches can be saved and used again, smart searches, automator, macros. Spotlight searches. Even SIRI can search for you if you ask her nicely :) Come on; you really need a DAM to search for your photos? Comparing pictures side by side is done very simply by using several feature in MAC OS. Quick look can easily do this and so can Preview. Preview even has a cute little magnifying glass feature like Aperture does. Importing & Exporting: No need. Equivalent to copying your pictures to a folder. Copying settings to a selected range of pictures: AP does that very nicely Presenting files/assets in a multitude of ways: MAC OS can present all files in so many ways such as lists, thumbnails as a slide show, quick view, side by side. By date, size, type et al. "Combinig selected ranges of assetzs in collection": That's just called using different folders in any OS. Nested folders and all sorts can be used. Even automatic Smart folders. "sharing them wirh otheres": MAC OS can do this by a simple right click and share. Tons of ways to do that. I don't need a DAM for that. "Archiving and versioning": All done automatically and simple with Time Machine in MAC OS. Even compare versions side by side and restore old versions and undelete images previously deleted years ago. None of these are "nasty" workarounds, take any "effort" or make my life in the slightest "difficult". In fact the MAC OS is a joy to use and infinitely more powerful than any DAM I've used. All the features you cited (and much more) can very easily be achieved by AP & MAC OS If either you or I have missed anything you will almost certainly find AP can do it for you: See HERE With respect, you have given it your best shot DC but failed to convince me that I need a DAM. I understand that you do, and many others do. I also acknowledge that they are useful. DAMs have some nifty little features essential for some workflows. But uniquely more powerful than a good OS? NEVER! I have enjoyed our discussion but I now need to move on. Cheers Havovubu :)
  3. I totally agree Keith For me the MAC OS keeps me away from Adobe products completely and for me at least measures up to LR. I would be interested DC what specific features you consider to be included within a 'proper' DAM that the Windows & MAC OS (Plus of course AP) can't do? I am very happy to be persuaded otherwise :) Cheers
  4. Totally agree Keith I've not had so much experience with Windows but you have inspired me to explore on my Windows laptop. I will give it a go. Cheers Havovubu
  5. Many thanks DarkClown Yes that's the point really it is sort of free. It's much much more that a few stars though :-) Taking away the photo editing facilities of most DAM software (I use AP for all that), I can't think of anything really that a DAM does that MAC OS can't?? Keywords, smart searches, coloured windows, different icons for folders, smart folders, non-destructive work is taken care of in AP (.aphoto files with all my work contained), sharing, open with, backup with Time Machine, versions, iCloud backups, emailing straight from MAC OS, stacking, nested folders, macros, automator, bespoke tags, compress, contextual menus, and very best of all quick look! I reckon Lightroom would struggle to do all that so elegantly as the MAC OS. Of course I may be wrong :) Cheers
  6. As I have said before. Here attached are pictures of my DAM solution. It's called the MAC OS. I think most will see it has everything needed to manage photos without having to import them into a restrictive catalogue with all the hassle that brings. Cheers Havovubu :)
  7. See my screenshots attached here for more examples of MAC OS DAM functionality:
  8. Here is the screen shot to illustrate the DAM functionality of the MAC OS:
  9. I gave up worrying about selecting and using the right DAM, when I discovered the MAC operating system was indeed (with a little tweaking) a very good DAM in itself. The attached screenshot shows just some of the things it can do, including tags, star ratings, color ratings, image stacking, EXIF data, coloured folder backgrounds, smart folders and smart searches including SIRI. The list goes on and all this without a complicated library and all safely tucked away anywhere you like including iCloud Drive et al.