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    SurJones got a reaction from Brian_J in Equirectangular Projection: Adding Graphics Anchored   
    Hey Brian- Sort of - but the method in there isn't accurate 100% - Creating multi layers and merging down would be cumbersome and not handle well - flattening the layers would just the same, These are very destructive as you have to Export and then Undo so you can Get back to editing if the job needs to be edited.  But yea.
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    SurJones got a reaction from reguar11 in [Designer] Add ability to export all artboards automatically   
    @flavorthirty - I figured it out - So when you are in the Export Persona, you have to select the the Slices Tab next to the Layers Tab. Then Shift+Click the layers and Export Selected :) (make sure you select the Export Options above.

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    SurJones got a reaction from Alfred in Justify Correction Help   
    I was expectiung it to act more like photoshop with the adjusting the parameters in the PARAGRAPH Tab, opposed to the Character tab! None of those options did anything. Thanks for the help guys!!!! 
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    SurJones got a reaction from SrPx in Creat SVG For mo2   
    Welp - I will cross post this answer since it does seem there are people out there searching for answers 
    I tried variable checkboxes in the export settings and found out a couple of things.
    1) IF you have a Transparent background, it will make it a solid in the 3D rendering. 
    2)  Adding a White background behind the "logo" will reverse the process and make it so it 3D's the logo and not punches it out. 
    3 )In order to Show Logo, you'll need to check the checkbox HOLE in the first option.
    As you'll see - the logo looks good (I took out the words as I was trying some stuff

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    SurJones got a reaction from firstdefence in Remove the Background Portrait   
    thanks for the videos. I'll watch now!
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    SurJones reacted to R C-R in DESIGNER: Curved Text Bottom Correct Side Up   
    In fact, it looks like there are two curves in the text path, a closed outer one & an open inner one, & the text can only be applied to the inner one. I'm not even sure how that could happen other than with some glitch in the software -- when I select two curves & use the Layer menu "Convert to Text Path" each of them becomes a separate text path.
    Another oddity: If you select the April Connor text object with the Node tool & start deleting all the nodes on the outer curve, at some point the unclosed inner curve magically seems to close, but from what I can tell, only when you delete an outer node next to the two overlapping sharp nodes by the black arrow.
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    SurJones got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in AD: Magazine Spread over 2 Artboards   
    I find that it works well for what Im doing. I like Affinity. Im gonna try the Double sized canvas with 2 Slices and See if that exports without a glitch. 
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    SurJones got a reaction from My Strawberry Monkey in AD: Magazine Spread over 2 Artboards   
    Thanks so much for people helping out - I'll keep ya posted.
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    SurJones got a reaction from MacGueurle in Adding More Forums: With two Products Photo and Design   
    It would only take 1 hour to get all this done. I don't see why they just don't't do it :) (by hour I meant using 3 mins created 3 new Categories, and then 50mins doing a step wide moderator search for threads and move them :)
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    SurJones got a reaction from Affinity Jack in Adding More Forums: With two Products Photo and Design   
    Can we have separate forums for each product? As searching is a mix of keywords that draw from both and also the page count is getting high really high. And I'm trying to find Photo stuff but have to wade through all the Designer posts..lol
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