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  1. Yep that worked, thank you Carl... appreciated
  2. Just tried it and only worked on one page, Ill try again, may have missed something
  3. Thanks carl, but what about applying the master page from the master page to all pages not one page at a time.
  4. You could try blurb.co.uk for Print On Demand and set up a free ISBN with Blurb, ready for Amazon self-publishing. Ive used it for several personal POD books and very pleased with the results.
  5. If I have multiple pages with an image on each page and I want to watermark (from a Master Page) placed across each image. The watermark item always places under the page pics instead of on top. This can be done in the layers panel but only one page at a time. Am I missing something?
  6. Working on iMac OS Catalina without any crashes. Only thing I couldn't do was adjust space between each item. Didn't work at first until I discovered a spelling mistake in the data, didn't match the spelling of an image! Normally I would also add crop marks for each item, In ID I used a script to do this.
  7. I set up a 4 page trial file using the Master Page I moved the ruler zero point to the top left of the default column. The result was that the ruler started in the correct position only on page one and the default position on the other 3 pages. Strangely it worked once, then I count replicate it again! Would be very useful if this could be fixed!
  8. I have created a Basic PDF guide here (6.3MB), you can download and print it or add it to Mac Books to follow on an iPad ...and its FREE! If anyone uses it I wouldn't mind some feedback, especially if there is something that is difficult to follow. Ny hopeless internet connection would not allow me to upload the file here.
  9. ...and manually add centre crop marks in the bleed.
  10. Add another page then look up "Linking text frames" in the Help Affinity Publisher Help window. Also I have a couple of PDF tutorials that might help here, I will add more over time.
  11. Thanks Garry, I appreciate this. I will battle along again with it tomorrow.
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