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  1. Thank you mystrawberrymonkey, I know about artboard, the question was about a new page.
  2. Hi, how can I add new page(s) to the document if I didn't checked "Create artboard" when I started a new one?
  3. It is up to you. Nobody blame you about that. Every one has it's own approach. But, you missed the main idea which is: They "must" include "Send to behind Master Pages Objects" in the Arrange menu if they accept ID's approach.
  4. QuarkXPress and InDesign have different approach to Master Page Objects. QXP allow you to edit/delete them on working pages as regular objects, while you can not do it in ID because they are locked (you must first unlock them with CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + L only on selected pages). So, how it is connected with the title of the topic? When you like to color the background and try to "send to back" the colored rectangle on working page you can do it in QXP without any problems -- the Master Page Objects are vissible, and you can't see them in ID. So, if you plan to do it ID way (which I don't preffer), then please add a 5th option "Send behind Master Page Objects" in Arrange menu.
  5. Can you test the SVG file? When I converted it into PDF via AI and loaded the PDF into AD there was no problem.
  6. Yes, I did unfortunatelly. I tried again to recrate the same document. Here is the SVG file I didn't send you last time. The step I used: 1. A new document 100 x 200 mm created; 2. SVG file placed on a layer; 3. Opacity lowered to 50%; 4. Locked the layer; 5. I draw the sun in separate layer and then locked it; 6. Draw the upper right yellow sun beam in a separate layer and locked it; 7. Then started to create empty layers for the other beams and renamed the layers, but after creating the 2nd or 3rd empty layer they started to "jump/shake" up and down in Layer pallete and -- it crashed. Flag_of_Macedonia.svg
  7. Yes, I got the same message, but I placed an SVG object as a background, lower the opacity to 50% and locked the layer -- just to be used as template. Then I started to add layers, and at 4th layer all the layers in the panel started to move up-down and it crashes. I've already sent the same message and the corrupted file.
  8. It would be very nice to be able to choose even other font styles (Bold, Italic...) not just "Regular/Normal".
  9. How can you readjust an oval/circle... selection if you missed it to select it perfectly in first try?
  10. Hi, it would be very useful to add in Aph and AD (Pixel Persona): 1. handles to the selection, to be able to resize it or move it to another location; 2. to extend the selection by adding a new one (with SHIFT). I saw this in PhotoLine and I found it very useful.
  11. Here are the error report and the file I was working on. When I try to start AD again it crashes because it is trying to open the problematic file. Please, tell me how to start it without automatic opening any file. Makedonski znaminja.afdesign
  12. I must disagree with you. Cluttering depends on previous planing/designing of app's interface. And (un)cluttered code depends of developers skills. For instance, PhotoLine is very small, fast and uncluttered app and it is all-in-one design. It is even portable. No, it does not need pixel manipulation at all.
  13. Yes, they have a lot of common code, like Serif's apps, so it would be much better if they: 1. remove "obsolete" code and stick to what the app is suppose to do, or 2. make one app, out of three, or 3. make something like Xara -- keep all three separate, and make one PRO version with some extra features. Something like Papyrus did. http://www.papyrus-author.com http://www.papyrus.de/
  14. In that case "Pixel Persona" must be removed from AD and it should be, because you have it in APh. Also, Typography and Vector capabilities from APh.
  15. Thank you Chris, but "Document Setup..." window is different from the window in the tutorial. It is the same widow as "File > New" which is much better than the "Document Setup...". Please, add missing tabs "Dimensions", Color", "Margins" and "Bleed" from "Document Setup..." into "File > New" and make both "File > New" and "Document Setup..." equal with all commands active.
  16. Hi MEB, thank you for your quick answer. Can you tell me if you are going to solve problem #2 to be used without additional conversions? And what about the suggestion?
  17. Suggestion: Please, add "View PDF after exporting" in "Export > PDF" window. Problem 1: In the tutorial "Affinity Designer" under "Getting Started" at 1:00 min., the narator asks to press "SHIFT + CMD + P" on Mac, but I don't know how to reproduce it on Windows. Problem 2: in the tutorial "For Beginners Too" under "Getting Started" at 1:45 min., a strange line appers when I press "ALT + Add". (files in attachment) ketchup.afdesign
  18. Hi, AD for Windows: it would be very nice to add "View PDF after exporting" in "Export > PDF" dialog box to see the result immediately and to be informed when exporting is finished.
  19. Do you buy software because of an image, or to work with it? :)
  20. You can do all that with the software I recomended to you and, trust me, no one can notice that you are not using MS Office.
  21. But, in "Help" menu under "Update..." you can put a link to the forum (or other location) for download and for additional information, if needed.
  22. MS Word is a real disaster of an app. You should use it ONLY for text. Why don't you try some other MS Office compatabile software, like: SoftMaker Office: http://www.softmaker.com/en/ Ability Office: http://www.ability.com/index.php?ln=en ... ... They can read/write doc/docx documents (even as their default document) and they are much cheaper and you can even install them on more than 1 computer.
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