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  1. I am OK with prompting me for update, but if I start the apps 5-10 times a day I'll never know there is an update.
  2. Yes, I know. But I also know that every other software prompts for update whenever you start it.
  3. So, we will never prompt for update if we check more times in a day? This is not a good solution.
  4. There is an extremly usefull InDesign group on Facebook named "Treasures of GREP" with real experts Dhafir Photo and Jean-Claude Trembley. You can place your problem there and get the solution which you can use it in Publisher, too (maybe with some small modifications). I would really appreciate if we can organize such a group at Affinity forum. https://www.facebook.com/groups/TreasuresofGrep Also, you can find usefull this book: https://www.amazon.com/GREP-InDesign-InDesignSecrets-Peter-Kahrel/dp/0982508387
  5. Try this: Find: <SPACE>(\u|\l)<SPACE> Change: <SPACE>$1~S where you have to replace <SPACE> with the regular space character.
  6. You can use this expresion: Find: <SPACE>(\u|\l)<SPACE> Change: <SPACE>$1~S where you need to change <SPACE> with regular space character.
  7. You can solve runts problem in InDesign first by creating a "No brake" chararcter style and then by adding these two lines in the "Body Text" paragraph style under "Grep Style": Apply Style: No brake To Text: .{10}$ Number 10 means you want minimum 10 characters at the last line of the paragraph. I hope Affinity will add GREP in paragraph styles very soon.
  8. And Mellel, a word processor, even support GREP sets so you can execute multiple tasks with one click.
  9. After long and in-depth analyzing of this thread I came to the conclusion that the final demand is: WE WANT AFFINITY TO ALLOW US TO RE-CODE ALL THE APPS, SO NO ONE CAN RECOGNIZE THE ORIGINAL. NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS.
  10. Of course we don't know. That's the reason I'm asking.
  11. Hi, can we expect columns span and split? Tables across pages, table notes and some simple math? Please.
  12. Forr this kind of post it would be better if you use numbering style instead of bullets, for easy addressing the answers.
  13. Yes, I figured it out. It's the only solution. I wish decorations to be part of character formating, too.
  14. No, I applied those layer effects to a text in a text frame and then applied "Decorations > Fill" to the text.
  15. Hi, I added some layer effects to the text in Publisher 2.0 (Win x64) and then wanted to create a yellow background (stripes) bellow it. After I clicked on "Decorations > Fill" all layer effects were moved to the decorations as you can see on the bottom of the image. Am I missing something; Is this intentionally, or is it a bug?
  16. When you open these lists, you can't enter the name of the font. You can choose it only by scroling.
  17. Hi, Please, allow us to choose fonts in text styles by entering their names manually, not only by scrolling the font list. If we could get font preview -- even better.
  18. The problem arise when you want to place a picture (drawing) and with the loaded cursor start to drag to resize the object on the fly. In this case Transform panel is inactive and you can't see how much to drag the object.
  19. I have also super easy and even faster workflow -- I do it in InDesign directly.
  20. Transform panel works well when trying to resize an object already placed on page, but when you want to place a picture and resize it immediatelly (while cursor is loaded), Transform panel is inactive.
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