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  1. Hello. Little feature but so useful. In Photoshop, when you copy an image (from any source), or selected part of image (from Photoshop), and then create a new Photoshop document, the dimensions of the canvas fit the clipboard's image dimensions. But not in Affinity Designer, who just keep the last dimensions... Thanks!
  2. Okay but if i'm working on a unsaved document, i guess that the file handle isn't on the external drive until i want to save my file on it? So why this happens for an unsaved document (that I want save on my external drive)?
  3. Related to the drive or not, if i'm working on a unsaved document, I don't understand why Affinity close it if he can't save it? And that's this behavior who worries me. If the unsaved document is in memory, and Affinity encounter any error, let us know that there is an error, but dont close the document. Not having errors is quite impossible, so I think recoverability is the highest priority. Thanks. p.s : same thing in your forum: if i wrote a message, and have any involuntary action (reload, or go back...), the message is losted... Yet the user content is the highest priority in this context ;)
  4. Hi MEB :) HGST 1TB 7200rpm SATA III hard drive connected directly to the Windows 10 / 64Bits laptop trough USB 3.0. thanks !
  5. Hello Affinity team. After trying the beta, and love it, i've just bought the final version and start my transition for production work (from 15 years of Photoshop/Illustrator !). But yesterday, in 4 hours, Affinity lost my work 3 times with this message: --- Save failed because access to the file was lost. Document must now be closed. --- Autosaving limits the damages when the file has already been saved, but if not, it creates a 0 bytes file... 99% stability is okay, but recoverability need 100%. Why the document must be closed if Affinity can't save the file, but doesn't crash? Bug happens on different files, started from scratch or from existing files. Existing files was on an external hard drive, but was not disconnected, except one time after a laptop standyby. Tell me if you need more details. Thank you for the amazing work Windows 10 / 64 bits
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