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  1. @toniclife In Publisher V2, can you take me through your workflow step by step or do a screen recording as its something I can currently replicate. Workflow example: Start a new blank document, make sure Image Placement is set to Preferred Linked Use File > Place to insert an .afphoto file Double click the placed .afphoto A new tab will open with the file ready to be edited Make an adjustment and close tab Receive prompt to save, it should then switch back to the original document and show the updated version. You may also see a small message indicating the resource has been updated.
  2. Thanks for the report, I've logged and passed it over to the developers to look into.
  3. Can you expand on the first word issue is it something that you've reported before. If so please provide me a link to the thread. Our Stage Manager support is yet to be fully developed but I would expect the keyboard to resize within our app with the app.
  4. @firstnose Sorry for the delay, we're very busy at the moment. From the Text studio, tap the > opposite the bold, italic options to switch to the the Character section. Then select Language, here you can set the available spelling and hyphenation. It's worth nothing the listed languages are the only ones available, the iPad version cannot have any additional ones added.
  5. Does the crash occur when you're only saving, if so where and which format saving to? Does this also occur with a specific document or any, including new blank document. kk
  6. Hi @DC Morris Welcome to the forums, sorry for the delay we are very busy at the moment. As long as the plugins are setup correctly and the app is set to reference the correct locations and Authorise Global and Allow Unknown are enabled that is as much as can be done. We're currently in the process of updating our available plugins to test with V2 to get a better idea of compatibility. However as in V1 our plugins support is designed to be generic as possible. Some may of been designed with only PS and its workflows in mind in which case they may never be fully functional.
  7. HI @scottalan Thanks for your report. I've logged and passed this over to the developers to investigate it further.
  8. Hi @A_B_C Thanks for the reports, some are already logged with the developers, others I can reproduce at the moment but will continue testing. In reference to the .PSD file, saving to the desktop I assume you're using File > Save/Save As to save to our native file format? Not something I can currently replicate, however I am testing on a desktop with mouse Where are the images being loaded from? This is a known issue, logged with the developers. For each report we could do a crash report for that instance to review, See this FAQ article on how to retrieve. They ideally want to be renamed for each one for example Replacing image crash.
  9. I've updated the issue with regards to Vietnamese text. I can't reproduce the issue within the Help. Which version of iPadOS are you running and is the app language set to English or other?
  10. I've tried to reproduce them but so far I can't on our systems. However I've logged and passed these issues over to our developers to look into further.
  11. Thank you for your reports, this has been logged and passed over to our developers.
  12. Thanks for the report, I've passed this over to the developers to look into.
  13. @Mork handleyThe iPad version of Publisher doesn't have the same import options as the desktop version where text can be grouped during import. These are planned to be added in the future, but no eta when, sorry.
  14. For anyone else experiencing a crash not related to the OP issue. Please create a new forum thread and include as much information as possible about the issue. Also providing a crash report can help in narrowing down the issue., see the FAQ here.
  15. @The Shark Have you tried turning Hardware Acceleration OFF and also setting the Display to OpenGL? If you continue to have issues please DM me the file this is happening with. Any resources will need to be embedded before sending to ensure I have everything for testing. If you can also do a screen recording showing the issue this would also be helpful. If the app is crashing, follow the steps in the linked FAQ to retrieve a crash report from when it occurs (note date/time) and also upload for checking.
  16. The content migration was only designed to copy over such items as assets, brushes, palettes etc. Studio presets aren't part of this as some of them have changed/reworked in V2 so you would be better creating and saving them again. Some users have manually copied over the files that store the presets to V2 but this may cause issues within the app, which is why it's not recommended. In reference to the Tools menu, when I have access to a multi monitor setup I'll check to see if that issue can be reproduced.
  17. @CHerbst Welcome to the forums and sorry for the delay. Would you be able to provide me a download link to the images you're using so I can test with them. Also if you just open one of the .CR3 files in the Develop persona and switch to the Lens panel, has a lens profile been auto applied and is it correct? As I want to make sure the data/info in part of the files metadata first.
  18. Thanks for your feedback, this has been passed over to our developers.
  19. It's not something I've experienced or seen any reports on. When you moved them manually how large where the files?
  20. HI @Anne S Welcome to the forums and sorry for the delay. Are you still having an issue with saving, is it just a particular file? If so can you please DM me a download link so I can try on my systems. You also mention it failed to export to PDF, which PDF preset was you using? Finally which version of macOS is your system running?
  21. Thanks for the feedback, this has been logged and passed over to our developers to see what improvements can be done.
  22. If done within our app the process hasn't changed, multiple fonts can be installed together if within the same folder. When removing, fonts have to be uninstalled individually via the apps Preferences. You also have the option of installing them via iPadOS usually from the App Store, these will then be available to use within our apps. In V2 with a Magic Keyboard attached you should get a pop with extra options, see screenshot. Zoom is still a touch gesture on iPad.
  23. @gruszczyWelcome to the forums, sorry for the delay. Can you provide a copy of your document so I can take a look? if the intended design is an all white background have you considered using a Rounded Rectangle inserted behind instead as it wouldn't require a stroke if that is the design but there are other methods available.
  24. I believe Affinity Photo would be better for this as it has options to resize the Document/image having the option to change the DPI and resampling method at the same time. You also have options of changing the colour format and ICC profile, but it wouldn't be less than 3 clicks.
  25. @Noble1Welcome to the forums and sorry for the delay. It's not a plugin we have for testing, but I've found a snippet from an older forum post that may help but it may depend on the app and plugin version. "the preview can be made to render properly if the active layer in AF is selected with the Rectangular Marquee Tool before calling the plugin." Our PS plugin support is designed to be as generic as possible to allow maximum compatibility, however some plugins will never fully function correctly.
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