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  1. Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0
    Included are 32 Styles with Premium Seamless RGB bitmaps of 600x600 pixels at 72 pixels/inch.
    Had to split these up.... 


    Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0 1 of 2.afstyles.zip
    Alien BitMaps Styles Version 1.0 2 of 2.afstyles.zip

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     Kotaku Designs  (Please like)


    Best Regards,
    William Mabey 
    Thursday, March 23, 2017 3:09 PM



  2. Hey Angela,

    I've already started chasing this up for you. We appreciate the effort you are putting in on behalf of everyone else. I'll hopefully be able to provide you with an update soon  :)


    WOW! I'm totally disappointed!








    Was Chatting with the people at Filter Forge asking why Mac isn't working with the plugin. I was told the problem is on this side with Mac programmers.





    Very loyal Affinity user.


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  3. Unfortunately, it came too late for me. I downloaded 1.5.2 about 45 minutes before I saw the notice, launched it, & discovered all my customizations were gone. My Assets were preserved, which is fortunate because that is just about the only thing I did not export to a folder I maintain as a "just in case" precaution against anything that might wipe out my custom settings. I also save my keyboard shortcuts to that folder, so that much was easy to fix. I also took a screenshot of my customized main toolbar layout, which helped me restore that.


    I have also (I think) imported all my custom stuff that I exported, so things are more or less OK, but I am considering restoring v 1.5.1 & the entire ~/Library/Containers/com.seriflabs.affinitydesigner folder from my Time Machine backups, which I think will "undo" all the problems. (Staff: do you see any problems with doing this?)

    Didn't work for me......  :angry: 


    How can I restore me Presets? 

  4. I have made a seamless puzzle pattern, brushes and styles. Enjoy, like and share..  :) 

    Source design: puzzle pattern.afdesign


    Top puzzle brush:

    Second from the top puzzle brush:

    Third from the top puzzle brush:

    Bottom puzzle brush:

    Zip puzzle brushes (afbrushes):
    Puzzle Brush.afbrushes.zip

    Puzzle style (Zip):

    Seamless Puzzle pattern fill:


    ---------------------------------------- Updated Tuesday, January 26, 2016 12:56 PM -----------------------------------------
    Another puzzle source:
    puzzle pattern 2.afdesign

    Best Regards,
    William Mabey 
    Tuesday, January 26, 2016 10:46 AM

    Please share... ヅ
  5. Hi yoz-y, 00ghz,

    There's already several threads discussing scripting. Please use this one here (or other you prefer with the same subject) to avoid hacking this thread.

    Regarding your question, there will be a Macro Persona to create/record actions/macros in Affinity Photo, but as far as i know there's no plans for a scripting API at this point.

    We are focused on implementing what's defined in our roadmap first.

    Link is broken :huh:  

  6. As I am a part of Apple's Beta group also, I have dual boot running both Yosemite, Yosemite beta and  El Capitan When I have a issue when running in El Capitan I verify in Yosemite if the problem is in El Capitan I report to apple. Affinity Designer and Photo is made for Yosemite. Beta testers should check the apps iOS and OS compatibility first.... I understand when developers say "OS X 10.7 or later" BUT Not meaning beta OS X.. 

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