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  1. PabloNeirotti

    Can't save in the iCloud Affinity Designer folder

    @MEB Today I lost hours of work because of this issue. Apparently if you open a document from Affinity Designer on iPad, from iCloud, and save a million times, it won't be saved at all. It doesn't seem to go to the original iCloud file. Nor anywhere. I closed my document to see if this will push it to the cloud. Nope. It was closed to oblivion. Saving doesn't work. We pay premium for Affinity Designer, Photo separately, iPad version separately. And we don't have a reliable Save button. Please take this more seriously.
  2. PabloNeirotti

    Can't save in the iCloud Affinity Designer folder

    @MEB Here's a bit more info, maybe it helps debugging it. This time I created the document on Affinity Designer for iPad. Saved it on iCloud root folder, since Affinity folders cannot be saved to. Moved the file using my Mac's Finder into subfolder inside the Affinity Designer iCloud folder. Double click to open the file on the Finder, opens on Affinity Photo. ⌘I to inspect the file, and it says - Open with: "Affinity Photo (1.6.7)" I change it to "Affinity Designer (1.6.1)" It immediately resets back to "Affinity Photo (1.6.7)". It won't budge. I try ⌥ Right Click on the file, Always open with > Affinity Designer It opens on Designer, but it will be opened by Affinity Photo next time. The default did not change. This doesn't affect other .afdesign files created in either of my Macs. I feel the system thinks Affinity Photo owns both iCloud folders, specially given they both have the same icon. Please help, my workflow is very complicated at the moment and often end up editing a file that doesn't get updated on the other side, having to manually merge changes later. Thank you!
  3. PabloNeirotti

    Can't save in the iCloud Affinity Designer folder

    Great, thanks. I'd like to contribute to the report (maybe). On Desktop, historically, my Affinity Designer folder has looked like an Affinity Photo folder. Even if I remove the folder and have Designer create it again, it still picks up that icon. Not sure if it means anything or if it's related but there you go!
  4. Hi there. I'm using Affinity Designer for iPad. For some reason I can save in any iCloud folder from my iPad, EXCEPT in the Affinity Designer folder one. I can browse subfolders, but the top right Add button remains greyed out. This folder happens to be where I keep all .afdesign documents in desktop. I would imagine that's the one place where I should be able to do so. So it's been very difficult transferring copies from one side to another every time I make a change, sending files via other mediums and replacing them on desktop. Beats the purpose of iCloud. Hope this is a temporary bug and not a feature. I'd appreciate any clarification.
  5. Hi there. Ever since I got a new iMac I started to see this issue with Affinity Designer on which the color picker gets the wrong color, always. As if it's working on a different color profile of sorts. This issue can be seen in this video:https://cl.ly/d6cda708b37c Basically: Select an object Color pick the color of the object Apply the picked color back to the same object The color is slightly different (shouldn't, I picked it from the same source) I can reproduce this in a blank new document with a single object as well, so it's definitely not a layer problem (i.e: 99% opacity, non-Normal blending, etc...) Please help! Also thanks for making the best designer app I used in 15+ years P.S: Using latest stable Affinity Designer and macOS, although issue was present before Mojave.
  6. Any update on this? Still crashing multiple times daily.
  7. Additional note: I can't create any more Symbols
  8. Hello all. So in the past month I've been getting about 10+ crashes a day with Affinity. What I've narrowed it down to is the following: How to reproduce: If you take an Artboard, and you try to duplicate it or change it's XY position, if any of the Symbols in the whole document are "corrupted", it will crash Affinity Designer. Note the Symbol does not have to be contained in the related Artboard for the App to crash. Empty Artboards also crash the App on moving/duplicating. Expected behavior: No crash. Notes: There is no way to tell which Symbol is corrupted, except by using the Detach button on each Symbol and trying to duplicate the parent, then writing down if it crashes or not. Rinse and repeat. Idea on what a corrupted Symbol might be: I think this may have to do with Symbols containing resized Pixel-type layers, but can't confirm 100%. Workaround: The only workaround so far is detaching all Symbols when copying, then replacing them again one by one. Please fix this, it is becoming really frustrating to use my favorite and only design tool, and am constantly loosing progress which is never fun. Thank you.
  9. Hello there. With v1.5.5, my documents are now at half the zoom size as they would normally be. The document looks 50% smaller, even if all dimensions when inspecting are fine. It means I have to go to 200% to see them in their original size. If I measure my Artboard using OS X screen capture tool (cmd + shift + 4) the dimensions of my Artboard at 200% zoom are actually 1:1 with the screen. Which doesn't make any sense (100px should be 200px at 200% zoom, right?). This has affected all of the documents I can tell so far. Document settings: 72 DPI, 'Actual Size' Zoom: Default. It's workable but misleading, and I have to always go back to 200% zoom instead of 100% to see things 1:1. Thanks!
  10. I'm an elder at these forums! I guess I need to be more active, ha Gotcha, glad to hear.
  11. I seem to be able to get Affinity Designer stuck 100% of times when: - Select the Art Text Tool - Click an existing Art Text Object, which will select it and allow me to type in it. - Press Esc (I just wanted to select it, not change it) - Press Copy so I can copy the object, not the text. - Affinity will get stuck in an endless beach ball with CPU usage and heat going crazy high. Cheers!
  12. Since there is no update on this issue, I'd like to necro bump this. The whole UI is too dark to have such bright surface surrounding the document. Please let us toggle a full dark mode or something while using Artboards! The current workaround is to draw a huge rectangle, colour it dark grey, and then lock it so I can't accidentally click it. It just feels odd I gotta extend the UI's theme manually.
  13. PabloNeirotti

    Broken rendering

    Just did that. Thank you Chris!
  14. PabloNeirotti

    Broken rendering

    Hi there! I've made this tree for my game, and used the previous version of Affinity Designer. I want to make changes to it, but the rendering is completely broken, and can't work on it. I've embedded a Group of Leaves as an external document (SmartObject style), then multiplied them all over the place, so I can make quick changes to the leaves on one place, and affect the whole tree with such change. I think using so many embedded files (of the same file though) is killing Affinity. Is there any way I can send this file privately to some dev so they can take a look at what may be causing this? Here is a snapshot of it: Let me know. Cheers!
  15. Hey guys! Congrats on the new site! I wanted to report a bug that has been bugging me (ha) since the very beginning. Every time I change the color of an anchor in a gradient, and such anchor has a fairly low opacity, it will reset to max opacity (why?!) but the change won't be reflected in the UI at all. I don't know if you did this to let the unexperienced know when they are changing a color, and they can't "see" the change because of the opacity being at zero. However, having to manually set all opacity values for every color change is a pain. Hopefully this isn't intended, or at least it's behavior that can be changed? This doesn't says much but I took a snapshot on which you can see: the last anchor had it's color changed to red, and then went full opacity, even if it should stay at 0% opacity (it's a particle! it's meant to be that way). And, in the UI, it indicates the opacity is 0%. Cheers! :D