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  1. Changing the rendering engine from Metal to OpenGL seems to fix this... very odd
  2. I posted this in the suggestions forum originally, before realizing it should probably be a bug report, unless I'm missing something here. Apologies for the mistake. It seems inconsistent when the continuous export mode in 1.7.0 is triggered. In the last version it would happen basically every time I made a change, but now I have to click around a bunch to get the external files to update (it seems to happen more when I select the artboard itself?). A manual export-all menu option with optional overwrite prompt would still be nice Affinity Designer 1.7, Mac OS 10.14.5 the document I'm having the issue on: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=93616
  3. A minor issue, but whenever I disable the grid with cmd+' the view mode also resets to the default vector view. Tested with reset to default keyboard shortcuts so it's not something with that Affinity Designer 1.7, Mac OS 10.14.5 My document below: restock-compoundparts-1.afdesign
  4. I'm new to Affinity, and I'm so far very happy with the 1.7 update (holding shift when drawing! yay!), but the continuous mode has been very slow for me, and I'm unsure what actually triggers it to run. I do a lot of 3D texturing which means making small changes in Affinity, then switching to Affinity or Blender to see how it looks on the model itself. In 1.7 I keep having to click around randomly in affinity trying to get the continuous export to run. personally, I would be fine with a keyboard shortcut to manually run the export all option in the export persona from anywhere, preferably without the overwrite warning after the first time.
  5. cinebox

    DDS File Support

    +1 for this, as well as for Designer, and importing DDS files. I've had the best quality outputs using the nvcompress library/tool if that helps, since DDS is a lossy format and not all exporters work the same (imagemagick's DDS converter is pretty bad)