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  1. Seanyboy

    workspace backgropund

    Hi guys DaveS is not alone in this query about the all black interface - I too find it hard to see the tools and I would prefer a light grey background similar to Drawplus at present if a choice could be made - Perhaps one for a wish list then :mellow:
  2. Thanks Tony, Yes as per usual I missed that - it doesn't show up on right click context menu - only the top EDIT menu. And I can confirm that it does not presently work on text.
  3. I know I keep harping back to DrawPlus, but this function is a "Must Have" in my way of working. I use it ALL the time in DP and it saves oodles of time if I have multiple pages and want to keep text etc consistent through out the work. I can't seem to find anything at present that replicates this in AFFINITY - Would this be a possibility either now or in the future - Is there a work around/method at present that I am missing ...(again!)? :huh: :)
  4. Seanyboy

    Is this enough Mac?

    I see Hils beat me to it Lon. I was satisfied with the confirmation that the memory card they sent was a compatible match - I guess I just trusted them on that one - I didn't need any such Upgrade flash on my 2010 MacBook Pro 15" and it's still chugging along fine - Hope I've not just cursed myself saying that! :o
  5. Seanyboy

    Is this enough Mac?

    Hi Lon - it's been a while since I did any testing lol I have a Macbook Pro and I upgraded the RAM to 8GB myself very easily and it wasn't all that expensive either I used crucial to read the spec and they told me the exact part to buy (sold it to me) and I followed an online Crucial video to do the change over *sweet* Good luck! Sean
  6. Seanyboy

    Floki from Vikings

    Great Job Chris, really looks lifelike :)
  7. Seanyboy

    Toy Alarm Clock

    I did a 3D version of this using Modo (A sub division Modelling Program) and got the reference image from this output. I used bitmap fills for the steel ringers and tried all the effects knowhow that I use when drawing stuff using DrawPlus. Nothing broke whilst making this image - But when I tried exporting as JPEG I noticed that set at 100% the calculate size info read zero I will see if this has been submitted as a fault at 99% the image registered 446kb DropBox link to Aff File Toy Clock.afdesign This is more up to date link https://www.dropbox.com/s/vwm37ye525omrad/toy%20clock2.afdesign
  8. It's a bit hit and miss that Tony, sometimes I get a splash screen saying Cut Copy and Paste if I click on Ctrl on a Mac Book Pro It has to be pressed slightly after rotating on the original axis for best results. Good option though. ;)
  9. Thanks Tony, I tried all the conventional key presses and found nothing earlier.
  10. Ahh! Got you now, you have to use the slider! It's a bit cumbersome - I would prefer to click the object and rotate on the chosen anchor point than slide the slider. (No wonder it wouldn't move with the mouse over the object!)
  11. I was trying to position a shape in a drawing that I am doing in AFFINITY and found that there is no easy way of rotating this shape by means of moving it's centre point akin to what can be done in Drawplus, just pure rotate at the moment. Unless I am missing something? If so, will there be a function to move the centre accordingly at some stage?
  12. Hi Matt I appreciate what you say, but, in order to see how you did the drawing I had to physically click each tick box to turn off the visibility till I had just the initial car shape object visible. Then I preceded to click each object's visibility box to bring them in one by one - Not a huge problem, but, I wondered if some quicker way was possible to code re - selecting the visibility tick boxes. This is just a suggestion to ease workflow - not a bug!
  13. Seanyboy

    Lamborghini Miura - Work in progress...

    Good work Matt :)
  14. I just downloaded Matt's Car and saw that there is a multitude of layers, it seems like one layer per object almost. I would like to see an easy way of multiple selecting /de-selecting the visibility if possible - Hold down a key whilst selecting individual layers to hide or show - Is this possible? and perhaps group selecting adjacent ticks in one click between these adjacent layers (maybe!) I personally would have more than one object on a layer but that is by the by. :rolleyes:
  15. I just had a look at all the other programmes I have and a cross hair seems the overall choice for the pencil so I would keep with traditional and go down that route.