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  1. The ‘My Account’ button just opens up a blank page. Everything was fine prior to installing this latest update.
  2. Any news on if/when this issue will be fixed as I have just downloaded the free NIK Collection & also have the same problem.
  3. I did but wasn’t sure if I’d posted to the correct page. Sorry if it caused you stress.
  4. Is it just me or has anybody else noticed that when you sharpen a raw file in the Develop persona, when develop takes place, the amount of sharpening seems to reduce?
  5. Further to my previous crash reports, I have now found that if I type in random letters into the Unsplash search bar Affinity Photo doesn't crash, but as soon as I use a proper word (ie dogs) then it crashes immediatly. I believe another forum member also has had the same problem. I hope this helps in finding the solution.
  6. Crash report attached as requested. Another bug is that with Metal selected in Preferences, the clipped highlight warning colour is like a checkerboard rather than the normal red colour. This doesn't happen with Metal unchecked when it is the normal red colour. Crash-88244a.txt
  7. Hi Meb, Yes, Affinity beta still shuts down immediately after attempting to search Unsplash.
  8. Turn off metal in preferences & the red clipping indicator will come back.
  9. Sorry, can't send RAW file at the moment, but just need to mention I had to untick 'metal' due to poor performance with it on (inpainting brush tool etc). With metal ticked Raw files develop quickly so it's either one or the other.
  10. Cheers MEB, much appreciated. By the way, I also have the lag that many others are complaining about when you develop a RAW file, taking in excess of 35 seconds to convert the file.
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