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  1. MacPinguin

    joining paths

    Hi, I think, the easiest way to do this is leave your drawing lines as they are and not combine them. Just create a separate new path for the fill area behind you drawing, which should be closed. I’ve added a fast sketch to illustrate that (sorry for its uglyness)
  2. As far as I can see in the video, there is nothing special about it: • Place your tracing background and set its opacity in the layers panel to 50% • Lock this layer with the lock button or cmd+L • Add a new Layer • In the colour panel set the fill colour to none and the line color to black • Use the pen tool to trace (maybe adjust the line width) – that’s it. Or did you mean anything else?
  3. In the 1.0.20213 beta the full screen mode seems to be broken: 1. It shows a light grey line. 2. When enterign the menu area, a light grey window header appears. 3. The Escape key doesn't work to exit full screen. Apart from this, in the current app store version the full screen mode looks and works perfectly. btw: is it useful for you, to report bugs that are no problem in the current app store version? (like this one)
  4. OK, more exactly: if you replace the content of a value field, so that it shows just "+=50" before you hit return, you have to do it in the += notation. But if you add the term to the content, so that it shows "100 mm+50" and then hit return, it also works correctly. From other apps (cc, fh) i’m used to add the field mathematic to the current content.
  5. The complete list of keyboard shortcuts is available in the menu "help / affinity designer help" under "Appendix".
  6. MacPinguin

    Rounded triangle

    Can't wait for a rounded corners tool ;-) In the meantime this is a nice workaround: just give the object a line width (as bold as you want the curves) then use "expand stroke" and delete the inner vector outline - voila your object has rounded corners. A little drawback: The corners are build of many nodes, but they are nicely rendered, so if you don't want to edit them, it's a good solution.
  7. @MattP: I see, You have already implemented the simpler notation, "+5" instead of "+= 5"?
  8. Ken, you can do this by simply going to the transform panel, click behind the units ("mm" or "px") in one of the value boxes and add your operation, like "+100" to move it to the right. Divide, multiply and subtract works also. To copy an object with offset, you just have to duplicate it (Cmd+J) before.