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  1. Hi! I'm Maksim from Ivanovo, Russia. I'm musician, photo hobbyist, video/filmmaking hobbyist. I also work in IT (networking administration, a little bit of scripting and programming/development mostly for web). Also I like to work with audio (recording, mixing, sound design, podcasting, mastering my own tracks, etc). I use Affinity Photo to do some little retouching of photos that I made and for making artworks for my music releases. Also I love to do some other graphics stuff in AP for my personal "household" needs. Happy to be part of the Affinity community and family. I wish all to have pleasure working with Serif / Affinity products and being creative in general.
  2. Patrick, thank you! My original question and even related technical question was answered. I don't think we can add something new to it. So I'm not against closing this topic if it's appropriate. To not fill the debate and to not escalate the situation. Will be waiting for new announcements from Serif on topic. Thanks everyone for your replies, for your support and for sharing your opinion.
  3. The problem is that I can't open app's page in Mac App Store even by direct link. It says that app isn't avaliable at my region. Not to mention trying to find it in App Store's search 😔 So I doubt that I can install it from Mac App Store. UPD: I found it in purchases section. I think it could be installed from that place. Thank you for the tip.
  4. I also have a technical question. I purchased Affinity Photo in App Store for Mac and it's now unavaliable in the App Store in Russia. If I'll decide to reinstall my OS will it work if I'll just backup entire application from /Applications folder. Should I backup some data from "Application Support", "Caches", "Preferences" folders, etc?
  5. Probably. But they have the right to it. As company they have their own vision. I understand that. But the rules of the forum... are the rules. They are designed to help people to have comfortable communication and I respect that too. Maybe it was wrong to start such not easy topic but at least I have official answer from Serif so I have more information to take in account in my future decisions.
  6. Thanks everyone for replying. I think the original question was answered so maybe it'd be better to close the topic. For the people that was making advices I just want to point out that the life and world is not black and white. I really excited watching for professionals around the world, I have friends in many countries all over the world. Also just to point out I'm Ukrainian by father (my father was born in Ukraine and I used to live in Ukraine 1/4 of my childhood). I love Ukraine as much as I love Russia. I study reasons of this conflict for more than 10 years, I was watching it with my eyes more than you think, I saw how it escalated, saw how it did grow. My grandmother lives in Ukraine, 4 years ago my grandfather from Ukraine passed away, many relatives (cousins, uncles), friends live in Ukraine, some of my cousins are now at war from Ukrainian side and some of my friends are from Russian side. I didn't want to tell you anything about it because I started topic for another reason... But these comments... Many of commenters don't understand what really is happening here! This is a tragedy for all our people regardless of which side of the border one is on. So before judging please... at least please check out the history. Not to offend anyone. Just... Just please know that we are suffering from this conflict alltogether. Russia and Ukraine for many Russians and Ukrainians are united. Some of us even don't see the difference, just artificial borders made someday by the politics. I wish everyone to live in peace and stay safe. I'm grateful for your responses. With love
  7. Thank you very much for your reply. I totally understand and respect your decision. This breaks my heart and is very sad for me to hear but I think I'll live with it somehow. What's even more sad is that we are on the path to loose that progress in West-East relationships that we had for last 30+ years. And even more sad that ordinary people in all countries will have zero benefit from it... again 😥 Owners of mass-media do the job for their beneficiaries, demonising each other's side. I hope someday we'll hear each other. I hope someday these guys that escalate conflicts all around the world, fighting for resources, power and money will be just the past nightmare of our civilization. I love my country. Like you, like most people in the world love theirs. I see this misunderstanding between people provoked by money/power-owners. That's why even understanding and knowing the reasons of such attitude to Russia and Russian people I just can't deal with such order of things. I'm happy to be the part of Affinity community so I'd like to say thank you, Patrick, for the greetings. Loving the people around the world With best regards and wishes Maksim Kachur
  8. This is always very terrible. Any war on the planet is awful, but unfortunatelly they happen very often in many countries. As the mainkind we probably haven't grown yet to live in peace and friendship with each other. At least politics, corporations, governments. I don't think we should discuss such a wide and deep topic on this platform, there are many for these tasks. My question here is just about relationships between one creative company and creative people that are part of its community. Thus I'd like to return to the original question.
  9. Hi! Tell me please if there are any plans to restore ability to buy Affinity / Serif products in Russia. I don't understand why ordinary people are affected by sanctions – this goes just beyond my logic and my mental abilities. I can imagine that Affinity products could be used by press / mass-media in Russia for publishing but at least ability for buying the products like Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer for hobbyists and professional photographers, designers could be restored. Also as far as I can see in European and US media the initial informational pressure dropped down, many people in Europe and US now understand better true reasons of the conflict and can make new logical conclusions and decisions themselves. So. Maybe it's time to have a chance to try again? Best regards
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